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#WeRunSF Round 2

Well, I’m usually better at blogging right after an amazing event but life is busy!! & a lot of my friends ran the Snow Canyon Half today so I thought.. why not tonight? Also, the NYC Marathon was last weekend & I literally shed tears watching the snap story because WOW.. people are amazing. With that said, I ran my 2nd Nike Women’s Half Marathon race. Nike seriously knows how to put on an event.

When I ran my first Nike Race last year (you can read it here) I knew I was going to sign up to run in 2015. I just had to.. because I had the most AMAZING experience when I ran it my first time.  The months before this year’s race.. I was ready to sign up & get training started! Every year, Nike sends out the sign-up email in June & everyone has to enter through the raffle drawing unless you’re a college student & you get in automatically.  I was tempted to use my college ID since it hadn’t expired yet but I felt bad so I decided to sign up through the raffle.  I posted on FB to let everyone know that I have signed up and I wanted to create a team so other women can experience what I experienced last year.  Surprisingly enough I had a total of 10 girls on my team sign up for the raffle!

I kept checking back on Nike Women’s FB page to read comments & posts on what was going on and when they were going to announce who got in.. Finally in July everyone started commenting on their FB page saying that they got charged $200 (which meant.. you were in!) but no one officially said that they got their confirmation email. So I checked my bank account, I got charged $200…. Then in the afternoon I got my wonderful confirmation email!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.42.03 PM

Plus my whole team got their confirmation emails! Some friends were stoked, some friends were nervous and thought “what the heck did i just sign up for?!” But, I reassured them that it is the BEST THING EVER. Flights were booked, Steven & I had a place to stay & we were ready for SF!!

Then we got our training schedule… that’s what I dread most is training for a half marathon.  It takes up soooo much time, I’m always hungry, and i just want to avoid it.  But, I started slow since I haven’t ran since my last half marathon (2014). I ran 2 miles, then 3, then 4, then 6 & I went all the way up to 12 miles before the race. So I thought if I could do 12 miles I definitely won’t die at 13.1.


I got to leave work early on Friday and then Steven & I caught a flight from Provo to Oakland! We got in early and since we were staying with Brittany & Joram, they were still at work! So our plan was to take the BART to the station closest to their house & then take an Uber to their home. Not gonna lie, I LOVE public transportation.. well really I just missed the city life back in Boston & NYC.. but I do LOVE the luxury of taking Ubers & Lyfts. We took the BART and I was so happy!! To be in SF, to be traveling with Steven and to be running this race again. Life was great.

That night, we had a chill night with Brittany & Joram. We all went to dinner at The Counter Burger  & it was SO GOOD. Then we went back to their house & played Sequence & girls vs. guys & Brittany & I won AHHAHAHAHA!! So we won back massages from our husbands!!!


We woke up early so we could explore the city all day! We took the BART to downtown Union Square to pick up my race bib & run the 2 mile shakeout run with Nike.  But…. we got off the wrong stop (my fault) & the 2 mile run already started cuz right when we got out of the station, the runners ran right past us. hahaha we were hungry so we went and got breakfast bagel sandwiches & went to go pick up my race kit!! We walked by Nike Town Union Square and I saw my name on the wall!!! It was exactly like last year’s & I was so happy! I picked up my race packet & sadly there wasn’t a huge expo this year, but instead they had an earring scavenger hunt. There were 7 earrings that you could collect if you went to all of the different locations where they sell Nike apparel/shoes.  We only waited in line for one of the earrings because all of the lines were like an hour long.. so no way haha. But, being in the city was so great!

IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9384

We met up with Kim & her husband Steven Houghton & we got our one & only earring at Union Square! They had a crazy night driving to Vegas & then flying from Vegas to SF… One hour of sleep.  I know how they felt because I did the no sleep thing because Jaime & I drove through the night from Provo to Palo Alto.. Crazy. I’m so glad we got cheap tickets months in advance! They were hungry so we went to this cute brunch spot that Steven H. knew about from when he interned in the city some summers ago.. I don’t remember but it was a really cute, healthy spot! Since we ate already we didn’t eat much!


The view outside the restaurant!


Fancy fancy toast

Then I wanted to take Steven to the Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown & we made our own fortune cookies with our fortune inside it.. I think I said something like “You will have cute babies one day” LOL But, then I think we left our fortune cookies at Brittany’s place when we left hahaha.

IMG_9396 IMG_9398 IMG_9400

Ancestors would be so proud 🙂

Unfortunately, when we were in Chinatown a pigeon pooped on Steven so we ran to the Nike store back in Union Square to meet up with Brittany & Joram so we could buy a shirt for him! While we were there, I had to get all of the photos from the Nike Half Marathon! It was worth the wait because that’s what I came to SF for! & we got cool Nike shirts (Thanks Brittany!)

IMG_9403 IMG_9407 IMG_9413 IMG_9415

After Union Square and all of the Nike festivities, we went to Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf since Kim hasn’t been there! We had mini donuts, clam chowda in a bread bowl, saw the bush man and took lots of pics!


Alcatraz right behind us! (One day I will go!)


Clam CHOWDA (This is the only thing Steven wanted to do on this trip.. eat this)

After the pier, we went to my favorite spot of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s on the Sausalito side called Battery Spencer & the view is AMAZING.  It was actually a perfect day with no fog & a perfect sunset. & we got prime parking because Kim & steven rented the perfect little pink car for us to drive around the town with.

IMG_9425 IMG_9429 IMG_9440 IMG_9452


It started getting dark, but i really wanted to show Steven, Steven H, & Kim Seward Slides. Ammon said they closed at 5PM but I didn’t know they actually barricaded the entire slide…. Next time haha. We got hungry so we went to the Mission District & met up with Ammon at La Taqueria!!! I was so happy to see him even if it was just for a little bit!! I’m sad I wasn’t able to hang out with him in the city the entire day since we had it planned for months but La Taqueria super tacos & Bi-rite creamery was perfect. We were all tired so we drove back to Brittany’s after a long day of exploring the city to get some shut eye before the race!

IMG_9455 IMG_9457 IMG_9459


Woke up at 4:45AM… Still dark outside, made a bowl of oatmeal & left the house at 5:20AM to make it to Union Square for the race!! SO MANY WOMEN. SO MANY RUNNERS. It was just like last year & I was stoked. Brittany, her friend Aimee, Kim & I were all in wave 3. Kim decided to stay back behind us so she wouldn’t feel she needed to catch up with us so it was just Brittany, Aimee & I in the middle of Wave 3. Wave 1 & 2 had started & we were on our way to the starting line. Then we were off! We started the race at 6:58AM & there we were running with 25,000 other women in downtown SF. Miles 1-5 were kind of a blur. I remember at mile 2 or 3 there was a gospel choir!  I was following right behind Brittany & Aimee from miles 1-5 and before I knew it, we were running a 9:55 min/mile. In my mind, I was like “crap, I am going my fastest..” I started getting thirsty & hungry so at mile 5 I had to stop and get some water and eat the granola bar the volunteers were giving out.  Brittany & Aimee kept running when I was getting water so I was behind a little bit. I knew I had lost them, so I started running at a slower pace.  I ran to mile 7 and my mind just kept saying you’re tired, you need to walk.. I didn’t want to walk but I had to.  I had blisters on all of my toes and i was in so much pain! I felt like the bottom of my soles were so close to the concrete and it felt so painful. So I started walking & by that time.. I just knew I wasn’t going to beat my time, I want to just finish this race no matter what and that I’ll never want to run a full marathon EVER. Those were the thoughts in my head while I was walking.

I finally started getting the energy to run again & ran all the way to mile 10 and my goal was to not walk on mile 10 because that is the steepest & hardest mile of the race. Sadly, I walked, ran, walked, ran that stupid hill. But, the view was AMAZING. There was no fog & you could see the Golden Gate Bridge perfectly. Nike knows that it’s the hardest mile, so they have volunteers, family members, pacers, & coaches all lined up mile 10 & while I was running I just felt this spiritual experience.  First, I saw a sign that said “Jesus Christ Loves You” & then another sign that said “They cheer because you inspire them” & I just started crying. It was so crazy and weird because I’ve never cried during a race. EVER. But with all of the pain and adrenaline and just wanting to finish this race all of this emotion just happened all of a sudden.  I got this random spurt of energy almost at the top of the hill & I started high fiveing everyone at the top of the hill! It felt so great to be done with that dumb hill!

I ran all the way to Mile 12 with lots of energy & Mile 12 was the chocolate mile. Yeah, I definitely took a bite of that chocolate & then I started walking haha by that time, I was so sore & tired.. I just wanted to enjoy that dang chocolate! I found Steven at Mile 12.5 and he started running with me and he kept cheering me on saying “You got this Liz, you got this!” But, I was in so much pain!! I turned that corner & finally saw that beautiful finish line. I finished at 2:25 and I was so happy that it was over.  I took a ton of chocolate milks, got my Nike water bottle & Whole foods bag with tons of snacks & got my Tiffany & Co Finisher Medal.  I met up with Steven & everyone to take our photos (but not with the guys in black suits haha). After the race, we went to Hollywood Cafe & ate the yummiest french toast & delicious HUGE fruit bowl!

Our flight wasn’t till 9PM that night so we relaxed at Brittany’s, took a sunday nap & made crepes before we had to go to the airport. Our flight got delayed so we didn’t get home till 2:30AM.  Shout out to Kyle Bergsma for picking us up & taking us back to Provo!

This race weekend was so much fun & I definitely learned a lot.  I don’t think I’ll ever be fast enough to qualify for a Boston marathon or to beat my PR by a ton… I think I made the mistake of going my fastest in the beginning and that’s why I got so tired.  Maybe next year I’m just going to stop at every photo opp just to enjoy my time throughout the race. I saw a lot of women stop in front of the golden gate bridge, a waterfall, all of the Nike signs, and everyone looked so happy! I know for sure I’ll sign up for this race every year!! Until next time, SF!




Course map


25,000 women about to crush the hills of SF


Thanks for being the best host, Brittany!!


Steven was the cutest & got this pic of me running. I had the chance to see him at mile 4, 8 & 12!


This was at Mile 12!!


Top of the hill at Mile 10


Brittany’s husband Joram got this perfect pic of us 🙂


No matter how hard you try to look cute for the photographer, it’s impossible.

race_1465_photo_27129480 race_1465_photo_27126655

All of the signs that kept me going!

race_1465_photo_27078090 IMG_9481



I love him so much!

race_1465_photo_26928491 race_1465_photo_26928468


IMG_9468 race_1465_photo_26928454

New & old friends 🙂


Our Tiffany & Co Finisher Medal


Union Square


My Results.  I didn’t beat my time but, it’s alright!! I finished!!!! HOORAY!!


The First Look & Bridals


So on Friday, August 21st, 2015, Steven saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

I spent the night at Jaime’s house in Thousand Oaks, CA thursday night while Steven spent the night at his parent’s in La Cañada, CA. I absolutely love going to Jaime’s house PLUS everyone was there – Jaime, Tanner, Hunter (Photographer), Tiffany (Hair & Make Up), Linda & Craig (Jaime’s parents).  It was definitely a party.  Friday morning, I went on a 4 mile run to just ease my mind.  I couldn’t sleep the night before because everything was on my mind… From wedding day little details to what if everything goes horribly wrong? After my run, Jaime & Tanner made homemade french toast & I just felt so blessed because everyone was willing to help on anything.  I felt so comfortable at Jaime’s house because her family treats me like family. Linda (Jaime’s mom) let me borrow her real pearl necklace & earrings, Jaime was my helper ALL day, Hunter & Tiffany are amazing at what they do and I just felt so much love from everyone!!

Friday afternoon, Steven arrived at Jaime’s looking SO GOOD in his new black suit!! Jaime blindfolded him so he could not see me in my dress before the first look.  We led him to the car & headed to El Matador State Beach! It was a perfect day for pictures & the beach wasn’t too crowded.  But, when we got there everyone thought we were filming for David’s Bridal or something hahaha. While I was waiting to walk up to Steven so he could see me in my dress.. all of these thoughts came into my head.. “I can’t believe this is finally happening” or “OH MY GOSH I’m getting married.” As I walk up to Steven & turn him around so he can see me, he had the BIGGEST smile.  It was such a precious moment that we just didn’t want to look away from each other. I never knew I could love someone this much, but Steven has shown me that I can love someone SO MUCH!!

After all the twirling & taking pics up at the top of the beach, we went down to the ocean to take more photos.  The sun was so bright that the lighting wasn’t the best, but my photographer Hunter still captured the best candids.  I was so scared to get my dress dirty & wet so I kept lifting it up so sand wouldn’t get on it or water.  It was definitely high tide & I went on this rock while it was low tide so Hunter can get some pics of me & a HUGE wave came and just hit me from the knees down.  I had no time to lift my dress up!! After that wave hit me, I was like “oh well!” & we took more risks getting closer to the water to get some awesome photos taken of us.  It was definitely worth it because the photos are SO AWESOME.

After the beach, we had to go to La Cañada for our BBQ/Pool party rehearsal dinner.  I’m SO grateful we had the chance to take photos before the wedding.  I know that we would’ve been stressed if we tried to fit in the beach on the day of the wedding.  It was such a fun time with Steven, Hunter, Tiffany, Justin (Videographer), Jaime & Tanner! Enjoy the photos!!




Photography: Hunter Kofford Fowler

Dress: Custom made by Jann Meads

Hair & Make up: Tiffany Vincent

IMG_6335 bridals.img-3 bridals.img-4 bridals.img-7 bridals.img-10 bridals.img-11 bridals.img-12 bridals.img-14 bridals.img-15 bridals.img-19 bridals.img-20 bridals.img-21 bridals.img-23 bridals.img-24 bridals.img-25 bridals.img-27 bridals.img-30 bridals.img-32 bridals.img-33 bridals.img-34 bridals.img-35 bridals.img-36 bridals.img-40 bridals.img-42 bridals.img-43 bridals.img-45 bridals.img-47 bridals.img-48 bridals.img-51 bridals.img-52 bridals.img-53 bridals.img-56 bridals.img-57 bridals.img-59 bridals.img-60 bridals.img-61 bridals.img-64 bridals.img-66 bridals.img-68 bridals.img-70 bridals.img-71 bridals.img-72 bridals.img-73 bridals.img-74


Goodbye 22… Hello 23!!!!!


So a lot has changed. I’m married NOW. WHAAAAAT. So crazy. Anyways, I’ll blog about the wedding day soon once I get all of the photos. Right now, I want to focus on the past year.  Me as a 22 year old.  I guess you can say that it was one crazy, AMAZING year for me.

Last year I was celebrating my 22nd birthday in our nation’s capital with my family! I moved back to Utah and started my first “big-girl” job.  Quit that “big-girl” job & now I’m working at another “big-girl” job. So, here’s to 22 of my favorite events and advice to all of you 20 something year olds. Hopefully this blog post works out.. I might just ramble, but whatever.

  1. I started dating my (now) husband a month after I turned 22.  Best decision to say yes to a BYU Women’s soccer game & asking him to come over to do manual labor with me and build my IKEA dresser together.
  2. Running AND Finishing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco in October 2014! Jaime & I drove through the night to get to SF & IDK how I ran that half with 5 hours of sleep.
  3. I started a fitness instagram!! I know some people might make fun of it.. but I actually really like it and it motivates me.  I love that I can see where my progress is… Follow me! @Liz_linsanity
  4. I started a travel/adventure blog called The Yesmads with one of my best friends, Emilee Crowder! It was short lived… but we had many MANY adventures in that short time.
  5. Roadtrips roadtrips roadtrips.  I think I went on about a million roadtrips in the past year. Vegas, Colorado, South Dakota and California (a million times).  Steven & I decided to get a Southwest card and we’ve been racking up points ever since!! it’s seriously the best and now we just fly everywhere. (airplane emoji)
  6. Celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas with Steven & his wonderful family 🙂
  7. Weddings, weddings, and more weddings!! (Not just mine.. but most of my best friends!!)
  8. Going to Provo Bakery a million times
  9. Getting ENGAGED to the love of my life!!!!!!
  10. Getting MARRIED to the love of my life!!!!!!!
  11. Best friends coming home from missions!!
  12. Found my love for baking cakes! (I’ll bake you a cake for any party, just ask!)
  13. Honeymooning. 😉

Now for the advice part –

  1. Stop dating dumb boys/girls that break your heart
  2. Join the married club!!!!! HAHAHA i can say that because it’s seriously the best.. but don’t rush it
  3. Stop worrying about what you’re going to be doing in life.  I just turned 23 and still have no clue what I REALLY want to do.
  4. Be in the moment!! Trust me, I love social media and documenting EVERYTHING.. but there comes a time where you just need to enjoy where you are and who you are with.
  5. Travel, travel, travel!! You’re young!! & if you’re poor, road trips all the way!! Rack up those miles but don’t forget those dumb oil changes.
  6. Always be there for your friends! When I was engaged I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose contact with some of my close friends.  & I’m not saying my life is perfect and I have all the same friends but I do make a point to send a text to an old friend to catch up or to say hi!
  7. Stop with all the drama! If you are reading this, you are basically an adult.  I’m happy to say that I have no drama in my life except when Steven goes to the bathroom in front of me. lol
  8. Talk to your family often.  I always seem to be “too busy” to call my family which I regret, but now I try to facetime them every sunday and it makes such a difference because you feel more connected even if you feel far away from them.
  9. Make new friends!! Get out of your normal clique & have fun with life!! Life is so great!!

So there are 22 big events / advice to all of you.  I might have rambled buttttt i’m trying to write more on this blog!! Today has been a great day so far.  Steven made me a green smoothie as I was getting ready for work, Kari bought me Provo Bakery & made me homemade muffins.  Then I came home for lunch and Steven had me wait on the bed for “lunch in bed.” & guess what it was?? Donut French Toast with a homemade strawberry peach sauce that he made! (I love my little personal chef).  We discovered donut french toast at a cute breakfast place on our honeymoon in Newport Beach, CA and he found the recipe & made them!! YUM.  My next blog post will be on my bridals! So stay tuned!



IMG_1189 IMG_8253 IMG_8254 IMG_8255


Las Vegas – Bachelorette Party Craziness

I’m grateful that I was raised in the great city (of sin) (jk) you call Las Vegas.  Some people who are not from Vegas just think that I gambled my savings in high school, went to the strip EVERY NIGHT, or just gambled more. WELL, fun fact that some of you don’t know: both my parents are blackjack dealers in Vegas.  But, anyways enough about ME, let’s talk all things bachelorette parties… in Las Vegas.

Last weekend was the best weekend possible for me to go to Vegas and have my bachelorette party.  Steven was traveling at a Color Run race in Lansing, Michigan so I was free all weekend.  I got my friends Betty & Lauren to come with me after work on Friday.  When 5PM hit, we were on the road going south to my hometown.  True story.. I wasn’t going to tell my mom I was coming home because she HATES it when I drive all the way home to just “party” and waste money… She’s different like that.. But, I did end up telling her, cuz how can you not see your own mom?!

We did sleep at my friend Stormy’s house all weekend instead of my house though.  It was fun, because she just bought the CUTEST golden doodle puppy!! Plus, I haven’t seen Stormy in months so it was good to catch up with her & her bf Hunter.

Saturday was a jam packed day.  We went to Stripper 101 at Planet Hollywood… & WOW. hahahaha it was all giggles the entire hour.  The pole instructor was so FIT though.  I won’t explain a lot of what we did, but basically we learned some lap dance moves (lol) & some stripper pole moves.. & dang it was a good workout for your arms & abs.  We shared the room with another group of girls who was celebrating her bachelorette party as well & it was such a fun time.  I’m glad most of my friends from high school could make it.  & hey, I wasn’t too bad at it? hahahaha enjoy the pics.

IMG_7023 IMG_7024 IMG_7025 IMG_7026

After Stripper 101, we went to the new LINQ pool! It was super crowded and there was overcast so booooo but it was fun to be outside & laying out!

IMG_6928 IMG_7021 IMG_7022 IMG_7027


Surprise Surprise it was 7/11 day & we got free slurpees! Then Lauren, Betty & I went over to my parents house and hung out with my mom.  It’s always SO good to see her.

After the visit with my mom, we had reservations at Yard house at the LINQ.  We always go to Yard house for big group dinners! Christine, Tricia, Stormy, Betty & Lauren came to dinner to celebrate & their food is SO good. HUGE nachos, spinach asparagus dip, yummy pasta, guac, and dessert.



After Yard House, getting to Omnia Night club was CRAZY. We literally could’ve just walked right across the street but I’m dumb and drove & got caught in traffic and missed my turns multiple times.  We had to be there right at 10:30PM to make it to our free table that one of our friends reserved for us.  Caesar’s Palace was PACKED. Like thousands of people waiting in line to get in to the newest nightclub in Vegas.  Luckily, we got in but we had to share our table.  We ended up not using it and just dancing but even then we were getting pushed & shoved by drunk people everywhere.  It was a fun time dancing but we didn’t stay too long haha.  We took our group pics and bolted out the door!

IMG_6916 IMG_6919


It was definitely a crazy day for a bachelorette party.  But, most of all I’m grateful for my best friends from high school that have been with me all these years to help put it all together.  I can’t wait for the wedding!!!!





In recent events, AKA (Ariana Granda saying that she hates America & also licks a doughnut at the doughnut shop LOL) I decided to blog about my 4th of July weekend. & also, in my last blog post I promised to start staying on top of my blogging!! So here I go!!!

I love love LOVE Independence Day in Utah.  It’s my absolute favorite.  Since 2010, I’ve celebrated the 4th in Provo (Except for last year bc I won a trip to California that week)… But, I was glad to be back for one of my favorite holidays this year.  Things were a little different this year than years past.. Back in the day, I would try and find all of the fun parties / get a big group of friends to do something and just be my social butterfly self.  Well, luckily I had Steven to do everything with! Being engaged is kinda really great 😉

When July comes around in Provo, that means the Freedom Festival happens! Last Thursday, we went to Provo’s Freedom Festival carnival! We rode the ferris wheel, lost money on the basketball game, ate donuts from the Amish Mennonites (probably the best glazed donut EVER) and just walked around enjoying all of the different food, rides, and crafty little tents.  It was a tender moment when Steven said this to me on the ferris wheel:

Steven: will you marry me?

Liz: lol YESSS of course!

Steven: I fall in love with you every time I ask you to marry me again

Liz: Heart eyes heart eyes

Okay, I know that was a little cheesy.  But spending these little moments with your favorite person is the best thing in the world! We try to make it our priority to go on dates like these.  Yes, I want the days to go by fast so we could just get married already but we also have to remind ourselves that you’re only engaged once and to go on a lot of dates to get to know one another more!! ahhh I just love LOVE.


Last Friday, I had absolutely no work!! So HIP HIP HOORAY HIP HIP HOORAY! But,  I did wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to the hot air balloon festival!!! The last time I went to that was with my first roommate at BYU back in 2010! I woke up at 6:30AM and rushed to get Steven from his apt.. and as I was leaving I saw balloons in the air!! So i raced to his house to pick him up before we miss ALL the balloons go up!! Unfortunately, we missed all of the balloons going up hahaha but it was fun seeing them in the sky. We also met up with Myunghee & Brian so that was fun!

IMG_6720 IMG_6726 IMG_6728

After the balloon festival, Steven, Myunghee, Brian, Kristine & I went back to my place to make breakfast and just hang out! I’m excited to join the “married” club soon hahaha


Steven & I woke up early to drive to Sandy, UT for a basketball tournament in Pepperwood! It was the cutest community of people all decked out in red, white and blue.  Steven has a good friend named Stephen Richards who was his mission companion in Houston, TX.  (P.S. Stephen’s dad is the co owner of Creamies Ice Cream sooooo we ate a lot of creamies when we got there ) It was a cloudy nice morning for some basketball and I was ready to cheer on my cute fiancé! They won the tournament last year buttttt came in 3rd place this year… So sad, but it was just for fun & games. It was fun getting to know the Richards’ family because Steven loves them so much! Stephen’s mom was a former Miss Utah and his little sister was former Miss Teen Utah so that was pretty neat.  They were so fun and easy to talk to! I hope they can make it to the wedding!

When we got back to Orem, we started getting ready for our little 4th of July party happening at my house! My town house has a perfect view of Lavell Edwards football stadium so we had a good view of the fireworks! I made an American Flag cake (so happy it turned out so well!!), Red, white & blue chocolate covered strawberries, red white and blue rice krispy treats, bacon ranch potato salad, and homemade sloppy joes for everyone! & It was a success! We had about 15 people to show up.  It was a nice intimate party so people could talk and get to know each other compared to my overly crowded dessert parties lol. I also bought Steven Bocci Ball & Corn hole as a wedding gift because he’s been wanting those games for a long time hahaha so he was a happy man that day! He set up bocci ball so everyone started playing that game at the party & it was just a fun time being with all of our friends! Our friend Anthony also brought a projector and outdoor screen so the guys were playing Mario Kart! My backyard was perfect for watching fireworks.  Not only BYU had fireworks but everyone below us in Provo were lighting up the huge fireworks and we got to see all of it. Seriously, so fun and relaxing! When the Stadium of Fire fireworks came on they were soooooo good! After the fireworks were finished, we ended the night watching “Independence Day” on the projector screen outside. HBD America, I think this year is going to be a great year!

IMG_6735 IMG_6788 IMG_6790 IMG_6797 IMG_6747 IMG_6748 IMG_6750IMG_6749


On Sunday, we go to dinner at Steven’s grandma Anne’s home.  I love going there because it’s nice to have family in UT and basically she’s like my grandma now right? & her food is always SO AMAZING.  We stayed and chatted with her, grandma Stella & Steven’s uncle Byron while learning how to make homemade pie! It’s so much fun listening to old stories from Grandma Anne’s past and how her life was back then.  I love family!!


Grandma Anne making her blueberry pie & it was 2 thumbs up!

So this past Monday, Steven, my roommate Natalie, & I went to my ward’s FHE because they were serving Terra Mia’s Italian food and it was a pool party.  But, it was at the most beautiful home in Orem.. I think it was called the Berkshire neighborhood or something.  I WAS DYING. I loved their home!! Anyways, the funny part about that night is that one of the guys in the Bishopric asked Steven to speak in church. (FYI Steven is not in my ward hahhaha) Steven told him that and he’s like “I don’t care!” So he’s speaking in my ward in 2 weeks hahahahaha i’m so excited.

IMG_6774 IMG_6776 IMG_6780

Well, this blog post mostly was a journal for me to come back to when I get old hahaha but thanks for reading!! I love you all!!!




Hi. I’m Alive. (Top 10)

Sooooo.. It’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve blogged.  SHAME ON ME!! I don’t know what happened after April.. But, I just stopped. Was I busy? Not really.  Was I just being lazy? Probably. As I’m writing this, I’m trying to sum up the last 2 months in this blog post. I’m looking back in my journal and my instagram pics on big events that happened –

1. I finished the Whole 30 Program! My last blog post was about me being half way into the whole30! So to all you that were wondering if I finished or not, well I DID. To celebrate, I went to Provo Bakery and binged ate donuts. So yay for me!! But, honestly – I did feel sooooo good when I was doing Whole 30.  Whole 30 taught me how to eat clean in a very good way!


2. My best friend Kim Johnson (AKA my future sister-in-law) got married to Steven Houghton on May 9th, 2015! They got sealed in the Los Angeles LDS Temple and she looked STUNNING in her dress.  I’m happy that I had a part at her wedding as a bridesmaid 🙂 Congratulations to the Newlyweds! (almost 2 months ago lol)

IMG_5888 IMG_5897 IMG_5921 IMG_5947

3. My best friend’s Jaime & Devin threw me the cutest bridal shower! I had it way early because Jaime & Devin were moving back to their home states and other friends were starting Summer Internships soon! I’m grateful for all of the friends & family that came and showered me with love 😉 (Also, I found my love for baking cakes!!!)

IMG_6026 IMG_6081 IMG_6041 IMG_6072

4. My best friend Kari Ryser got married to Peter Stowell!!! The wedding WE HAVE ALL been waiting for!!! Long story short, Baby Lizzie turned 19 and had a birthday party.  & at that bday party, that’s where Kari & Peter met! So YOU ARE WELCOME!! I will never stop saying that muahahaha. Anyways, I had a great time with my best girl friends from freshmen year (AKA 6 chicks) & it was our first time all together in a long time.  This California trip was probably the most relaxing trip according to Steven.  We ate good food, stayed with good friends (Jaime & The Bergsma’s), went to the beach, Won a donut pillow on the Santa Monica Pier and just had an overall good time with our great friends.  Congrats to Kari & Peter!!! I love you guys so much!


Kari’s reception/backyard was a DREAM!! And she is a dream too!!!!

DSC01778 IMG_6096


IMG_6104 IMG_6120 IMG_6126 IMG_6136 IMG_6164

Kari’s Grandpa was the cutest when we were sending Kari & Peter off!


Shout out to Rex & Kristin for being such great hosts for Steven, Lindsay, Luke & I! We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

5. I like to bake cakes now and I want to keep doing them so if you are having a party let me know and I’ll bake you a cake for freeeeee!!! This was a cake for my best friend Myunghee’s bridal shower.  White chocolate cake with rose buttercream frosting!


6. We got our engagements back and I DIED. I love them so much! Thanks Hunter Kofford!!! If you want to look at more our wedding website is Lizandsteven2015.com!

img-5 img-9 img-53 img-59 img-71 img-80

7. Impromptu photo shoots with your best friend Andrea are fun too! Especially when you get to work with Lori Romney Photography, Miss Stevi Marie (Flower Crowns), Margie Keates (@TheLovelyAve), @Themagnoliaflowerco, @elementsinmotionfilms, and Twirl Dress Boutique!!! This location was in the Studio Room in SLC with all natural lighting. Let me just say.. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

000_0517 000_0535 000_0596 000_0635 000_0665 000_0687

8. In the beginning of this month, I had the chance to go to Vegas with Steven! My brother Mark & Sis-in-Law Imee were in town for a high school friend’s wedding! It was so good for Steven to meet Mark & Imee! Luckily, they all loved him and Steven loved the both of them as well! We ate a lot of good food, rode the High Roller Ferris Wheel, and just hang out and relax with family!


Shackapalooza = Vanilla & chocolate custard, marshmallow cream, fudge bites, brownie bites, Belgium waffle bites, heath bits, and OMG it was just so yummy.

IMG_6391 IMG_6422

Baby George is WALKING!

IMG_6427 IMG_6431

9. Summer days are upon us!!! We had the chance to attend Strawberry Days Carnival in Pleasant Grove and my favorite rode: The Lehi Round Up!!! (But, I’m allergic to horses :() It was still fun though!! But, the highlight of Strawberry days was the strawberries and cream. OH MY. We ate our weight in that..

IMG_6479 IMG_6629

We can’t forget about the Provo Food Truck Round UP!! SO YUMMY.

IMG_6630 IMG_6632

10. My best friend Myunghee Sim got married to Brian Tuttle!!! #ItTakesTwoToTuttle (lol i love it) They were sealed in the San Diego Temple on June 20th & we drove all the way to San Diego for it! But, it was worth it! Myunghee looked SO beautiful and it was a BLAST being a bridesmaid with my best friends (6 Chicks). We went to the beach, hung out with friends & family and just participated in all of the wedding festivities! I’m glad that every time we go on a trip, Steven gets to know my best friends better (AKA Kristine & Roger!) 5 down… and one more to go! & that’s me!!! Congrats Myunghee & Brian!! I love you guys!!!

IMG_6501 IMG_6517 IMG_6519

I love them so much!!!!

IMG_6529 IMG_6550 IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6583

SO GOOD to see Haleigh!! I’ve missed you!!

IMG_6586 IMG_6593

Sandy kisses for this babe of mine (heart eyes heart eyes)

So that was my top 10 events these passed 2 months.  There are probably way more but based on Instagram… This is what I’ll tell you! I know i’ll be better at blogging now that I’m all caught up!! Steven and I have about 7 weeks till our wedding, and we are stoked!! I’m grateful for these moments that I’ll never forget whether it’s with best friends, Steven, Family, etc.  Life is really really good.




I just love him so much 🙂