“Your NYC Trip is Right Around the Corner!”

What? Nooooo…. Excuse me Southwest… I still have one month in Provo. 

The scary thing is that it’s not a “trip” it’s a ONE-WAY ticket to the start of my future! So here are my thoughts as of right now on graduating and leaving the wonderful bubble of Provo, UT. 

I’m scared as HELL. But, it hasn’t quite hit me yet. Maybe, I don’t want it to be real just yet? It’s always hard moving to a new city in general.  

Let’s rewind about 4 years… 

Graduated High School and 6 days later I was on the road with my mom and Meagan Paul’s mom to a city called Provo, UT.  I’ve only been to Provo twice for EFY at the time and the only thing in my mom’s car were 2 big suitcases, a duffel bag, a little box with my shoes and a laundry basket. I still don’t know how i’ve accumulated so much STUFF these past 4 years. I arrived to good ol’ Helaman Halls, RA’s gave me my keys, and I was off to Hinckley Hall. 

I opened my new dorm and my roommate and her fam were helping her unpack.  Shout out to Melissa Wilkinson who probably won’t see this because she is married and has a baby now!! We unpacked a little bit and then took my mom to an Asian restaurant because she hasn’t eaten anything ‘Asian’ in 10 hours… So we went to Tempanyaki by Sonic (Which is not there anymore because Chik-fil-a is there now!!) Then we took my mom to Temple Square, which she thought was beautiful and asked how they keep their garden and everything around the temple so clean.  

Blah Blah Blah… We went to Freshmen Orientation & then my mom and Sis. Paul were back on the road to Vegas. & That was the last time my mom came to Provo haha. NBD, she’s coming for graduation in less than a month! 

So, I’m walking down memory lane for a reason.  It means that A LOT has happened in 4 years. My college life literally felt like a Hottie Pilates fitness class. It was hard but it went by so fast. Stupid analogy? Whatever.. haha 

Basically, my state of mind is this: Do things that make me the happiest before I leave Provo. I feel like everyone, even myself are putting a deadline on my forehead just because I’m leaving.  I don’t know what’s going to happen. All I know is that I’ll be in NYC and Boston for the Summer.  For Fall, now that’s a whole different topic of conversation.  Am I going to come back to UT? Am I going to get hired on full-time with one of these agencies? WHO KNOWS! 

Right now, I just want more time with friends, picnics outside my apt, hikes to rock canyon or the Y, and just moments that I won’t have while I’m on the East Coast. 




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