Bid Farewell to Mustache March…

Mustache March. 

It’s that time again where mustaches take over.  & oh, how I LOVE IT. 

Call me weird. Call me whatever, but mustaches are one of my favorites. 

Every year I want to plan a mustache party. & finally it happened! We called it “March Mustache Madness!” 

Mustache themed + party planning + Liz Lin??? & you come up with this:



The last picture is with Taylor Barlow and he was my co-host for the night.  Honestly, I could not have done it without him.  I don’t even know how he got stuck planning this with me! But, I could not have asked for a better host. 

The Village Clubhouse was a perfect location for this party.  There was enough space for everyone. This last party was bittersweet in a way.. I’m not sure if it’ll be my last party EVER in Provo, but who knows with finals coming up. I loved seeing everyone and meeting new people last night! It was seriously a blast and I hope everyone else enjoyed it.  A lot of people asked “Liz, how much $$$ did you spend?” “You are doing too much! You don’t have to make those treats.” But, in reality, I do it for the people.  I like to make people happy and I love it when they are comfortable and feel right at home.  I’ve definitely learned that from my mom.  She is the best Hostess that I know.  She makes sure no one leaves hungry and always has a bed to sleep on if they are visiting my home.  Looking back, my mom taught me so much on being etiquette and to have proper manners when hosting an event. 

So I’ll bid farewell to March… and We’ll see what happens in Movember.  If you’re still reading, You are awesome. 





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