Big City Dream = Big City REALITY

Hi. I told you guys i’m horrible at blogging. But, now that I’m settled into my tiny NYC dorm – I have time to start my new blogging adventures! Currently, I’m sitting on my hard a** NYC bed at the International House (AKA Columbia Dormitory). The funny thing is… is that I’m loving every single second of this new adventure. 

The last 72 hours have been INSANE. 72 hours ago, I was walking across a stage and GRADUATING. It still seems unreal to me.  I’m not blogging about graduation because everyone already knows how I feel about it.


In the last 72 hours, I packed up my whole life of Provo, UT into my Hyundai to drive back home to Vegas. My whole family had the chance to come up to Utah and we had a great time. Happy Sumo, Temple Square, Quesadilla-making parties with leftover ward activity food, Thai food and finally, graduation. It was fun showing my family around Utah- the place i’ve dedicated my life to the past 4 years. My mom thought I knew the whole school because we ran into 3 people during our outings.. hahaha I love her. 


Woke up really early Saturday morning and went to the airport to start my new adventure to the BIG CITY! Luckily 3 things happened: 1)Found out my brother, Mark was on the same flight as me to our layover spot. 2)Cameron Brooks from the Adlab was with me through the entire traveling part. & 3) both of my luggages weighed exactly 50 lbs. HOLLA! No plane delays- everything went pretty smooth besides the crazy turbulence we experienced. 


I sat by an older gentleman on our flight from Denver to NYC. He was wearing a cowboy hat & i simply complimented him “Hi, I like your cowboy hat” and that was it for about an hour and a half because we all fell asleep. Then I woke up at the right time, because the cowboy hat man wanted to make sure I got a drink and a snack.  While we were eating out airplane snacks, we got talking about each other.  He is an Air Force Veteran and is originally from Texas but is traveling to NYC for a funeral. He told me a ton of life experiences he faced growing up all over New York and what he experienced while being in the Vietnam War.  Oh & his name is Abe.  Abe was telling me things like friends being drafted into the war (but he volunteered), seeing people get exploded right in front of his eyes (he has seen a ton of brains before… not in a good way or anything), how to fix anything that runs on gas, how to build a gun with a pipe, how to run away from getting kidnapped, patience, and how knowledge is the farthest thing you can take after your life. BAM. I knew I had to talk to him about the Church.  Luckily, I had my BYU pillow with me but Cameron fell asleep and I did not know how to bridge that gap to just ask him if he wanted to learn about the church. I didn’t want to make things awkward so I just left it alone and told him that I went to BYU, a Mormon school. & at that second, Cameron woke up and Abe wanted to tell him everything that he told me and after the whole knowledge conversation, Cameron just straight up asked him if he wanted to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  He was hesitant because he though the BoM costed money.  But, we told him that we would send it to his Texas address. He then handed us his driver’s license and we wrote down his address 🙂 That was such a cool experience getting to talk with Abe.  He has been through so much and knows that he wasn’t doing all of this on his own. I love missionary work! 

K. Finally arrived in NYC around 4PM and we were off to the I-House. I didn’t have my hopes high with the I-House because everyone before us said that it was a dump.  But, honestly I have loved every second of it! There are so many diverse people studying at Columbia that I’m not the minority anymore! Cameron is!! We have met people from Jordan, Italy and Germany! They have been so friendly! The students gave us a little tour and there is a GYM! THERE IS A GYM! A nice one actually! I’m super excited to start using it. There is a basketball court, a PUB, and condom machines! hahahah- but the guy said that they don’t work that well so you have to be careful… good to know lolz JK 

Cameron and I got hungry so we walked around and found a cute Chinese Restaurant with the cutest old waiter. hahaha He didn’t talk to us once and was basically mute during our whole dinner. Then we went back to the I-House and talked to Dr. Callister (our NY program director) and his family about the experiences we just had in the past 48 hours.  They are so kind and i’m excited to learn more about them!


New Ward. New Friends. New Adventures. More of the BYU kids started moving in today and we went to the Harlem YSA ward and everyone was again, so kind! They know that we are interns so they didn’t really talk to much about us because we are only temporary.  After church, we were starving so we ate at the nearest Deli and then walked back to the I-House.  Sunday naps will always and forever be allowed wherever you live. 😉 Then wen to a fireside that was not very interesting and we left early to get food.  Viva La Crepes was the place we went and it was so delicious!

Moving to NYC has been a crazy adventure but it’s also been a dream come true.   I’m excited to see where this Summer takes me! 





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