Hi. My name is Liz Lin and I am a MORON. 1) I packed for NYC like I was gonna go to the beach everyday. WTF? 2) No warm jacket. 3) No rain boots. The past 2 days have been so cold and rainy! 

BUT, I won’t let this rain on my parade. 

Because, on Tuesday, I started my first day at Y&R! Y&R is short for Young & Rubicam and it’s an advertising agency.  Check their website out here! Not gonna lie, it’s been pretty slow for us interns this week, but I think it will start picking up pretty fast really soon.  I started on the 5th floor with everyone else, but got moved to the 6th floor because I’m now with Y&R’s partner agencies called ‘Red Fuse Communications’ who only work on Colgate. It’s pretty cool because it’s just like Super Top Secret (where I interned this past semester) where everyone is on the same floor.  My supervisor Teodora is awesome and she is from Bulgaria! There’s a hot chocolate machine on every floor.. which is super good for us Mormon kids who can’t drink coffee. Y&R’s building is pretty sweet.  Their balconies face Central Park, so you get the best view of Central Park from the top.  I can’t wait when it starts to get warm because I’ll be out there eating lunch every day! 

Today, I connected really well with my supervisor’s assistant.  She told me her whole life story about meeting her husband online and how they did long distance for 3 years because he’s from the Dominican Republic.  We started talking about that long distance life and blah blah blah I don’t want to get into that… hahaha

After work, we met up with Michael Petersen at Levain Bakery & we trudged through the rain and wind to get there.  I WAS SOAKED. Remember, I don’t have a jacket or rain boots… i’m in FLATS. We got to Levain Bakery and had a yummy $4 cookie and then we went back to the Subway.. I fell behind my group and had to travel alone back to the I-House! Usually, I just follow Ashley because they are always navigating, not me. After taking some wrong streets in the pouring rain with my numb feet- I finally made it back safe and sound. 

I seriously mean it when I say that it’s an adventure every day while I’m here. I love that I’m making memories every day with amazing people.  Like for example: last night, there were like 10 of us huddled around a laptop watching Something Borrowed because we didn’t have an HDMI cable hahaha it was pretty funny. Or running alongside the Hudson River every morning.  & I can’t forget about Grimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn and visiting the 9/11 Memorial on Monday. 

The one thing I miss are my friends. Yeah, it’s cheesy to say that… but Meagan Paul FaceTimed me during her BBQ on Tuesday and I got to see some wonderful faces! People from my study abroad, Kevin, and Meagan! I love all of you. You guys are awesome. 





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