Ladybugs, Cherry Blossoms, and week #2 in NYC

Sorry for not blogging! I told you I’m horrible at it!! Since it’s been a while because my Mac was broken for a week… I sent it to this beautiful place on 5th Ave.


Okay. Let’s start from the beginning. I went to another new ward and it’s in the Manhattan Temple! I now attend the Lincoln Square YSA Ward. There’s a lot of pretty boys and girls. Everyone says it’s a “fashion show” there every Sunday (kinda like King Henry, The Village, and Belmont lol) Everyone is really nice in the ward.  You have to go up to them first though. I didn’t want to make the same mistake I did in my other wards in the past where I would wait till someone comes up to me first. So…. here’s little Liz Lin asking everyone what their names are and trying to start up conversations to get to know the guys and girls better.  A new Bishopric got called in when we were there, so that was pretty cool.  Sunday night, we got invited to a BBQ at one of the guys we met apt.  They live in the CUTEST apartment with a back patio and lights hung everywhere. That apt is seriously my ideal NYC apartment and it’s a GREAT place to throw parties! I was really really jealous. I met a lot of cool kids and they told us that Summers in NYC are the best. That got me stoked because I came at the perfect time.

In the beginning of the week, I started getting sick. OH NO. So I didn’t go out Monday night which was a good idea. On Tuesday, got off work and explored Columbia University because we live only a few blocks away from it! Columbia has such a BEAUTIFUL campus. Every building looks so vintage and there are no hills. Thanks BYU. We had a fun time going through classrooms and taking LOTS of pics.


On hump day, Y&R sponsored a ‘nature walk’ in Central Park.  I’m grateful that the park is literally 100 feet away from the office. We all thought the nature walk was going to consist of a tour of Central Park… but nope. It was all about trees. The tour guide knows all about the 19,878 trees that are in the park. We witnessed some cool things like ladybugs laying their eggs all over the trees! It sounds gross, but their baby eggs are soooo teeny!! I loved every single one of those Lady bugs.  It’s pretty crazy how much he knows but I did gain some cool insights on his knowledge about trees and applied it to life.

1. Trees give us oxygen and cool the planet and gives the earth nutrients. AKA without trees we wouldn’t be alive!

2. When a tree is under stress, it needs to eat. AKA Me all the time

3. When Hurricane Sandy hit, the cycle of nature begins and the trees keep growing ONLY if ‘you keep on planting’ AKA If a certain trial whether big or small hits you in life, you just have to keep on moving forward.



So, i’m working full time and you know what I appreciate the most now?

-Lunch breaks

-FREE food… b/c it’s scarce in NYC.


On Friday, Lindsey Manning and I went straight to The Amsterdam Theater to enter in the Aladdin the Musical lottery.  Luckily, Lindsey won!!! I have a feeling i’m going to be going to a Broadway show every week… But, i’m alright with that! We had 2 hours until the show so we explored Times Square. I like Times Square, but now that I live here… tourists are not my favorite.  But, we are all tourists at some point in our lives. I’ve learned that you need to have a TON of patience to live in NYC but also to have thick skin from all of the impatient people who get so mad for no reason.  That’s one thing I don’t like about NYC… people get SO mad. I hate it. You decided to live here, so just deal with all of the people you come across! A lot of people don’t have proper etiquette especially on subways. Usually, well most of the time, you let the people on the subway get out first and then you go in.  This girl was waiting right outside the doors to get in but on the inside, a cute old man was waiting for the doors to open and when they open, the girl just shoves the old man to get out of her way! It was so RUDE!! Anyways.. sorry for the rant.. here are some pics from Friday.



Aladdin the Musical was so good! & HILARIOUS! Obviously, my favorites were “A friend like me” & “A Whole New World.” I loved Aladdin and thought he was a hunk but I wasn’t a fan of Jasmine’s voice. I’m not the one to be a critic though because I think everyone on Broadway is so talented. Never ask me if a show was good or not because I am the worst to judge. I LOVE EVERYTHING.



I’m not a fashion blogger but check out my new rain boots from Hunter and rain jacket from Madewell (Thank you SoHo)! These are a definite MUST-HAVE in NYC because the weather is so bi-polar. It’s been raining a lot since I’ve been here!

Like I said above, I FREAKIN LOVE THE WEEKENDS. On Saturdays, I get to sleep in and it’s a beautiful little thing. I had a nice plan for Saturday. I was going to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Smorgasbord, Dough Donuts & then walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  I didn’t care if no one wanted to come with me because I told myself that I was going to explore Brooklyn no matter what. Luckily, I had Ashly, Jake and Kenji come with me! We met up with Kenji @ the Gardens and he brought his really really nice and expensive camera to film the gardens. The weather was perfect and the Japanese Cherry Blossoms were BEAUTIFUL. I wish everyone reading this could truly experience what I saw because it was amazing! Cherry blossoms blooming everywhere! People were having picnics, laying down with their loved ones and it was just a great sight to see. We took some cool pics and then the rainstorm happened. It was POURING. Today was the only day I didn’t bring my rain jacket! As we’re in the visitor’s center trying to wait out the storm, we knew it wasn’t going to stop. So we decided to leave and just try and bare with it. Luckily, it started slowing down and the gardens were EMPTY. We took advantage and took pictures without anyone in the pic and it was great! The smell of the rain and the blossoms were amazing. I loved every moment in the gardens. & the best thing is that it was only $5! Totally worth it. Check out the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on their website!


After the gardens, we explored Brooklyn and went to their famous Smorgasbord! They have 4 locations and there is one right next to the gardens. Think of Provo’s farmer’s market. It is exactly like it.  Fresh produce, new restaurants, and hipsters. We tried some really yummy fresh apple cider, flat bread, and organic donuts! Then we went and ate at 3 Luigi’s which is a yummy pizza place and then went to Dough Donuts. Dough is way better than Doughnut plant in my opinion.  Their doughnuts are HUGE and half the price!! It was a dream come true. Hello Dulce de Leche & Salted Caramel Chocolate! NOM NOM NOM.



If you’re still reading.. God Bless your heart. You are so sweet. I promise I’m almost done. On Sunday, we went to church and then to Central Park for Japan Day & then at night explored Madison Square eats right in the Flat Iron District. I fell in love with street fairs yesterday!


I am loving NYC each and every day.  I’m not convinced yet if I want to live here, but it’s only been 2 weeks.  Not gonna lie, I do miss everyone so much. Shout out to everyone who I’ve FaceTimed and Skyped this past week! You all know who you are! It’s so hard to be far away from the people you love so much. For Mother’s Day, I had the chance to FaceTime with my wonderful Mother b/c she’s just been chillin’ in Paris NBD! I love her so much and all she has done to support me in whatever I do in my life.  I’m pretty sure she still doesn’t know what I’m doing with Advertising but the fact that she supports me is the best thing ever. Thanks for reading! You guys are so rad.




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