“I just want to explore!!”

My motto in NYC is:


Having a 9-5 Job is tough when all you want to do is explore the great city of New York.  The museums close around 5, so you really have to make the most of your nights by doing something! This is my thing: I think everyone should do one social thing a night. Obviously, if there are other priorities that need to come first, then do whatever you have to do first.  BUT, on the weekends… I say… “IT’S THE FREAKIN’ WEEKEND.”


This past week flew by! Interning full time takes a lot of your day but still! I’m already done with week 3! Slowly and really slowly I’m loving NYC more and more. Like I said in my last post.. Everyday is a new adventure.

Let’s start with FHE – it was a combined NY YSA FHE (LOL lots of acronyms.. WUT??) It was called ‘IGNITE’ and basically it’s like those TED talks but mormon version.  The speakers had 10 minutes to speak on what their passion is or what they did for a living.  There were speakers that spoke on how to create the perfect recipe, how to brand yourself (Go Adrienne! She’s my boss), the secrets to writing an AP test and how to write a really good story.  It was a really up-beat event and I met a lot of new people! After, we went to that cute apt I talked about in my last post and had a bonfire in their back patio that I want to steal so bad!! Wanna know something cool? The guys living there talked to us about Duck Beach… Duck Beach is this HUGE beach party with beach mansions lined up filled with YSA people from all over the US.  There’s a New York house but the girl planning it was not really including.. It’s okay though because through out the week.. we found our in. Anyways.. Duck Beach will be on a later post if I go.  But, HOW CAN I NOT GO?!

On Wednesday, we went to Amateur Night at The Apollo Theatre in Harlem.  That iconic place is where Jackson 5 started and many other celebrities. Amateur Night is basically like a talent show, but you can ‘boo’ people off the stage and the crowd votes who gets to move forward.  The winner was an Asian kid who was a BEATBOX KING and the younger age winner was some boy who had vocal chords like a little boy angel.  It was a party throughout the entire show and I had so much fun! Definitely going to go back one day haha



I figured out that NYC is quite small and walking 0.8 miles takes about 10 minutes or so.  I personally use iMaps because Siri talks to me and tells me where to go. IDK I just think it’s easier! I wanted to find this ramen place called “Totto Ramen” in Hell’s Kitchen to meet up with my MAIP mentor.  While I was walking there, I found a Wendy’s, 2 Chipotle’s, and a ton of cute bakeries on 8th Ave. I love the fact that I can walk somewhere and find something new. It’s the best. It’s nice to just walk by yourself because you have time to think about your own thoughts and think about the surroundings around you.  Don’t take this wrong, I love having other BYU interns here with me, but it’s nice to just have your own time.

I had a chance to get dessert with my friend John Soares who graduated from BYU’s Advertising Program and he’s the one that hooked it up with my internship at Super Top Secret in SLC! We met up in Soho at a dessert places called “Rice to Riches.”  It’s just different rice pudding flavors! SO YUMMY. Then we walked around Soho and he gave me a tour of his agency Pereira O’Dell and their place is SO nice. Chandeliers everywhere and a really small place because they only have about 20 employees. It was good to catch up with John!




So, I try to eat pretty well on the weekdays so I can splurge on the weekends. & that’s what exactly I do. On Friday after work I met up with my girl Brooke Holt to enter into the Matilda Lottery.  Fortunately, Brock Talbot and I won!!! Jake came with me and Brock brought Trevor! That was Trevor’s first broadway show and it was a very good one to see!


On Saturday, we had quite the adventure! I love Saturdays because we have the ENTIRE day to do whatever we want.  We woke up really early to get rush tickets for the Musical, Once. We got to the box office around 7:30AM and we were first in line when the box office opened at 10AM.  Then Brock, Samantha and I went to Flushing, NY.  Everyone has been telling me to go to Flushing because it has the best authentic Chinese food and you can get really inexpensive massages, hair cuts and nails! Obviously, we needed to get everything done.  HAHA So Brock and I got $8 hair cuts and then we all went to Just Nails to get manis and pedis 🙂 Everything was Hello Kitty themed. I WAS DYING.  Before hair and nails, we went to DIM SUM!! My favorite type of Chinese Food in the world! The cute Chinese ladies come to your table with a cart full of appetizer looking foods and you just pick the different plates and share with your table. (See pic below) I’M SO GLAD I WENT!

After nails, we laid out at Bryant Park and it was such a beautiful day. I loved being at Bryant Park eating my McDonald’s Apple Pie and taking polaroid pics with my good friends! Then we ate at Chipotle (can’t go wrong with that) and went and saw the show, Once! We had box seats! But, they weren’t really good seats that’s why no one bought them haha It was cool being on top though. Everyone please go and listen to this song: Falling Slowly.  I am absolutely in love with it. Then go see the show, Once!




SUNDAY! My favorite day. I’ve told a lot of people this before but one of the top favorite things in my life are picnics outside.  Whether it’s outside my apt, at the park, ANYWHERE. I love picnics. After church, we bought food from Trader Joe’s and had a picnic right by the West side of the lake at Central Park.  It was a beautiful day with the perfect weather. We had a lot of people come and the company was great! Just thinking about it makes me so happy!



We ended the day exploring the upper east side and went back to Madison Square eats at the Flat Iron District.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week!






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