Duck Beach 2014: INTERRNNNNSS

Or should we say Duckling Beach 2014? As in us interns were the Ducklings.

So what is Duck Beach? Well, from what I’ve heard it’s a huge Mormon Single beach party weekend AKA the “Mormon Jersey Shore” where Mormon singles come out from everywhere (Utah, California, NYC, DC, South Carolina, Atlanta) and drive to Duck, North Carolina where every state/city has their own rented out beach mansion.  A couple of years ago someone made a documentary on it. Check out the trailer below:

So how did I end up @ Duck Beach? Here’s the story:

A couple of weeks ago at a Bonfire, some guys were talking to Cameron and Heather about Duck Beach.  I jumped in and asked what it was all about. While we were talking about it, I was so stoked because you know me… I love to meet new people and party. DUH. Well, then this girl walks by and our friend Jacob Wood introduced us to her and she was not inclusive about Duck Buch at all. She was saying that it was more for older people and asked if we were ’22’ or older and in my head i’m like “How does 21 differ from 22?!” Anyways… I told her I was turning 22 and the guys were on my side telling her to get an extra house.  But, she wouldn’t budge and I wasn’t a big fan of her. So when all hope was lost, I started thinking of other things to do for Memorial Day Weekend… DC, stay in New York, IDK anything. But, that’s not me! I needed to get out of the city. I needed to go to Duck Beach! When I want something really bad, I go for it!

So… We tried every loop hole to get to Duck Beach.  Our guy friends in the Lincoln Square Ward told us who to talk to and everything we needed to do to get in.  My friend, Brooke Holt contacted a guy and he said there were extra spots! $300/person. CRAP.  That was a lot of money. Being an unpaid intern and living in NYC wasn’t the best already… But, I didn’t want that to stop me.  We decided that we could all pay that. Then the other problem was trying to find a ride to North Carolina an 8 1/2 hour drive from the city.

1. We didn’t have enough money for a plane ticket.

2. We were too young to rent a car without it costing another $200 each.

Everyone has been planning this trip for months now, so everyone already had their own rides or they were flying or their car was full. We decided to take a bus from Chinatown, NYC to Norfolk, VA. The bus one way was only $35 and then $25 back so that was a decent price. So, Kenzie, Brooke, and I bought our bus tickets and we were all in now! Then our friend Nat in the ward said he could pick us up in Norfolk and then the drive was only an hour and a half to Duck.  Everything was turning out well.

The night before Duck, we went to Soho and bought swimsuits and matching American Flag tanks from American Apparel for Memorial Day. WE LOVE AMERICA.

Friday, May 23rd:

Brooke, Kenzie, Ashley & I went to Chinatown to board the bus to Norfolk! Ashley came last minute and found a ride with someone else when she got to Norfolk. If I was any good at writing bad reviews about businesses, I would do that on here. DON’T EVER USE “GOTOBUS” for anything! They are the most sketchiest, yuckiest and everything bad that a business entails. We bought our tickets online and so once we gave the crazy Chinese lady our tickets the bus was already overbooked. So we were standing in the aisle trying to find seats while other crazy moms are complaining that their baby will not sit on their laps because they ‘paid’ for 2 tickets. Anyways, everyone was crazy.  I even gave up my seat so that crazy mom could sit by her baby daughter. & then I got kicked off! So Kenzie and I didn’t have a seat and Brooke followed us out because she wasn’t to stay on that bus without us.  But, Ashley stayed! Which was fine because she had her own ride from Norfolk to Duck.

So here we are… 3 girls stranded in the middle of ghetto Chinatown.  They told us that the next bus will be at 3:30PM but we needed to meet our friend Nat in Norfolk at 5:30PM.. We were screwed.  NYC started rubbing off on us because we were the most sassiest girls ever. Everyone treated us like we were the most naive girls on the face of the planet. It was pretty annoying and I hate confrontation in the first place. Luckily, we ended up getting a refund and we tried calling everyone to see if they had extra room in their car but everyone was flying to Norfolk and renting a car from there. We did not know what to do. We ended up buying the bus ticket for the 3:30 departure and Nat was still nice enough to pick us up from Norfolk. We went to Brooke’s sisters apt to relax until we had to go back to Chinatown.


We had a SAVING GRACE. This girl Sariah, who is in charge of the house we are staying at messaged me on FB saying that her friend Bret Bryce, who is an attorney and the singer in Jericho Road was in the city visiting his sister and is driving to Duck from NYC! THANK YOU SARIAH! Please click the link on Jericho Road if you do not remember who this band is… HAHAHA. We finally left NYC around 6PM and he was on Tinder basically the whole drive to North Carolina! It was quite scary b/c it was pouring rain. The best part is that we wanted to say something about the band to him… but he came out of the car wearing the band’s shirt! I was dying. He drove the whole way and we arrived at Duck Beach around 4:30AM.

Saturday, May 23rd:

We slept on air mattresses and sleeping pads next to some guys who were snoring very loud. We woke up and since it was daytime now, everyone was freakin’ OLD. Like, “Hi, you look like my dad.” OLD. (Disclaimer: They were just mid-singles trying to have a good time. Who can blame them for that?)  We had a personal chef for the house we were staying in and she made these AMAZING Cheesecake pancakes.  She literally crushed 2 slices of cheesecake and added it into the mix. It was heaven. I’m raving about them because they were the best pancakes I have ever had.  We got picked up from Ashley and her friend and made our way to the NYC house where all of the slightly younger people were residing for the week.  We immediately went straight to the beach after dropping our stuff off. Whalehead Beach is GORGEOUS.  The cutest beach houses lined up and the scene was perfect.  We put on our tanning / Sunscreen lotion on and we were set. & yes. we immediately got thrown into the ocean by our guy friends. The water was perfect and let’s just say that East Coast Beaches are AMAZING.

We were playing chicken fights with each other, Brooke and I got on Jacob Wood’s ‘boat’ and floated in the ocean with four of us on this tiny raft.  It was hilarious. We might’ve got too much sun because we were all so burnt. Well, not really me cuz I’m Asian but Ashley and Brooke. Poor girls! Aloe Vera was their best friend this weekend. We showered up and got ready for the night.  We went to a Glow in the Dark dance party on the beach and it was basically EFY on steroids. & it’s a workout to dance on the sand!  Our friends Eric & Ricardo walked us back to our house and there were sand crabs everywhere, it was so scary! But also SO FUNNY.   So far this trip has been hilarious.  “I graduated high school in 1987..” WHAT? Or me asking all of the mid-singles if they know what Venmo is and they are totally confused. It’s crazy how different the age range is @ Duck Beach.  We were definitely not expecting that.

IMG_9825 IMG_9841  IMG_0035IMG_9871 IMG_0037 IMG_0038IMG_9865

Sunday, May 24th:

Church time. The only ward in Duck, North Carolina moved their Sacrament meeting to a middle school gym.  They get a ton of visitors every Memorial Weekend and it was packed. Which is a good sight to see! BUT, most of the talks are on “Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy…” Ooops. We went straight to the beach after church. Sorry!

**Highlight of Sunday: Our friend Nat took us off-roading on the beach and later discovered wild horses! It was pretty rad. & the sight was as beautiful as ever. Horses. Ocean. American Flag Tanks. Good company. USA? What could be better than that?

We were all so tired from the night before that everyone basically took naps on the beach. It was nice that the NYC House was only 7 houses down from our house, The Ritz. Yes, every house had a name to it… It helped you remember where everyone lived. The waves were rough on Sunday and I literally almost died because the waves kept crashing down on me! Bad idea to wear a 2 piece. HAHAHA There was sand everywhere.  At night, we had an acoustic night at the NYC House and there are some talented people! It was fun listening to our boy Bret Bryce from Jericho Road. LOL

Then they kicked everyone out but really they were prepping for a dance party at their place.. Meanwhile at the Ritz, Twister shaving cream was going on and it was so weird.  But, it looked like they were having fun!  We ended up going back to the NYC House and they were having a dance party! It was probably the funnest dance party I’ve ever been to because there was room to dance and everyone was dancing! Kenzie, Brooke and I stuck together and our guy friends were dancing with us. It was so fun, I still can’t get over it! I really wanted to do a late night swim in the ocean, but us being so tired… that didn’t happen haha. It was good that we stayed at the Ritz with the older folks because then we didn’t feel pressured to stay with the NYC kids and stay up all night. haha sometimes at night, we felt like we just didn’t belong because we are so young. This trip has definitely been a great experience and I’m glad that I went. NO REGRETS! I made new friends, got tan, took so many pictures, and had a ton of laughs with my good friends.

IMG_0043IMG_0025  IMG_0045 IMG_0050 IMG_0049IMG_0054 IMG_0022IMG_0059

For Memorial Day, we had to leave around 11AM.. I set my alarm for 5:40AM to watch the sunrise.  I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets. I wanted to make sure I caught the sunrise because our backyard is literally where the sun rises and it was a perfect setting.


We got a ride From Duck to DC and then caught a Greyhound bus from DC to NYC.  Everything was on schedule and this time we didn’t get kicked off this bus.  I’m so grateful for amazing friends and all of the memories I made with people on this trip.  It’s definitely a trip I had to go on whether it will be my only time going or more to come..  Thanks for reading! I hope I debriefed everyone on Duck Beach and I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my old people comments. I loved all of them, they took very good care of us young ducklings. We may not have found love at Duck Beach, but we obviously still have many years ahead of us. Until, next time!




P.S Follow me on Twitter, @lizzie_lin for the funniest people watching and overheard @ Duck tweets about the weekend!




2 thoughts on “Duck Beach 2014: INTERRNNNNSS

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  2. lizzie! haha my family goes to duck every year and rents a beach house! ahh the memories! and seriously, chinatown is the worst. i rode the bus from D.C. to Chinatown with my sister once and i could have died, it was so awful. glad you had the best time!!

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