Random Facts/thoughts of Liz Pt. 1

Current setting: bored at work wishing I was running in Central Park.

So I decided to write a random blog post about the random facts about my life.

1. I am double-jointed

2. I’ve been 5’3 since Sophomore year of high school

3. I’ve cheered all 4 years of high school and I can’t do a cart wheel

4. I was the biggest cry baby in elementary school

5. I am 21 years older than my half brother

6. I want to start a healthy smoothie business

7. I can never get myself to buy expensive clothes but then I regret every time when I buy clothes at Forever 21 when the shirt rips

8. I’ve gotten into 2 car accidents within 3 weeks.

9. When I was in first grade I wanted to be an “Ice Cream Man” when I grew up

10. Then it was astronaut, Wet n’ Wild life guard, Veterinarian, teacher and finally nurse.

11. I want to own a golden doodle

12. I’ve been writing in a journal every day since 6th grade

13. I filmed my whole entire freshmen year at BYU.. (video is currently hidden)

14. Doughnuts are my weakness

15. I think holding hands means WAY more than kissing when you’re in that “almost-dating” stage

16. My dream job: host fitness parties and to advertise them

17. Picnics outside probably make me the happiest

18. My mom is my biggest fan… even though she doesn’t know it

19. I can eat the same meals for months

20. I’ve always thought of myself as a minimalist.. in a less extreme way

21. I’m a yo-yo dieter.. Name a new nutrition/diet plan and I’ve probably tried it (Special K Challenge, Lemon water cleanse, etc)

22. I love Crossfit

23. I want to travel the world

24. I’m thinking of going vegan

25. I’m not a big fan of high maintenance people

26. Bridesmaids is my favorite movie

27. I’m actually really laughing in all of those “fake” candids





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