Thanks for the Memories, NYC!

Well, 5 weeks flew by! I swear it feels like I just moved here.. But, I’m ready for my next adventure.. BOSTON!  Sorry for the late post. My Mac has been dead and it’s finally working! For now… So my last real post was on Duck Beach.  My post was pretty blunt so I’m sorry again if I offended anyone who read it!

This past week has been packed with trying to get things done on my NY list! There is sooooo much to do in the city that it’s impossible to see everything in 5 weeks.  Some highlights of the last 10 days:

  • Lunch at Central Park (Y&R is located right next to Central Park, so all of us BYU interns eat at the park when it’s sunny! I love it so much)
  • Playing tourist with my friend Christian Jones who came into town to do Accounting stuff! (Little Italy, Rockefeller Center, Max Brenner’s, Grimaldi’s and taking Taxi Cabs everywhere we went)


  • Riding on a motorcycle to Yankees Stadium with Ricardo! My first MLB game ever! It was so much fun.  We slowly made our way to the front row by the 8th inning.  Yankees Stadium is HUGE and it was so cool seeing ‘The Captain’ Derek Jeter play. It was Yankees VS. Twins & we won! Then we rode over to Costco and had dinner there. It was pretty funny actually haha but I didn’t care! Who doesn’t love Costco food anyway?!


  • Watching the sunset over the Hudson
  • Rowing boats in Central Park


  • Crepe girls night with Brooke, Heather and Kenzie! (Kimber & Baby Cheri too)
  • Dinner with one of my favorite sister missionaries… SISTER JENN BLOSIL!


I’m honestly really sad that I’m leaving New York.  I feel like I’m just starting to get used to the city and I’ve made so many friends! PLUS everyone coming from Provo are starting their internships next week! But, this is life and life goes on.  I’m so stoked for my new adventures in Boston.  I’ve never been there but it’s going to be a BLAST. & who knows… Maybe I’ll be moving back to NYC to work full-time. Only time will tell.




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