New City; New Adventures: BOSTON

Hi! I’m officially settled in Boston, my home away from home for the next 10 weeks. Yes, I’m doing another internship here at a different advertising agency called Hill Holliday! This past weekend has been AMAZING.  Especially since my very good friend, Ammon Orgill came to visit me right when I flew in! I’ve been anticipating our reunion for quite a while since he’s been backpacking in Europe and I’ve been in NYC.

I packed up my little dorm in NY and was finally on my way to my next adventure; Boston.

My apartment is HUGE. Not to brag or anything but compared to my little dorm in NYC, this place is MASSIVE. I don’t even know what to do with all of this space!! I’m living in Boston University housing! So if you ever want to visit Boston, PLEASE come crash at my place and play with me! Just look at how big it is!




Anyways.. Once Ammon and I met up we hit the streets of Boston right away… Well, actually he helped me shop for apartment stuff and we celebrated National Doughnut Day at Dunkin’ Donuts! It’s on every street corner in Boston.





While touring Boston University, we came across a lot of cool cats around where I live.  We talked to a girl who was trying to sell people on Planned Parenthood and another girl trying to get us to go to Bible Club at Panera Bread. Very interesting people but it was cool to see how passionate they were about those two things. & they were so friendly!

Then we went to the city of Brookline to walk around Jamaica Pond.  On our way to this pond, we toured Brookline and were in awe by the cutest colonial houses and family friendly neighborhoods. We even stopped by a park with water shooting up from the ground where kids were having a birthday party and life seemed so carefree to these 10 year olds! It was a happy sight.  Ammon obviously had to jump in with them and stick his head in the freezing bowl of water…. the kids were all doing it! Then we finally found Jamaica Pond and it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. As we were walking we found this tree that was hanging down the pond and Ammon thought it was the perfect tree to climb and watch the sunset from a tree… Yeah… It was a struggle climbing up and down that tree. PLUS I had short shorts on so my legs got scratched up pretty bad. But, it was all worth it. Even though I almost broke my back coming down the tree… HAHAHA. We met a guy working at the boat house and he told us to come back tomorrow to go kayaking. & WE DID!



Kayaking Jamaica Pond was so much FUN. Even though Ammon was kayaking most of the time, I got to enjoy the wonderful sun and the beauty of the pond surrounding us.  It was a perfect day to go kayaking and I’m so glad we had the chance to do it! We saw turtles, yucky things coming out of the water, an alligator (I think? Probably not), and ducks everywhere. Plus, it was only $12! Everyone needs to go if they visit Boston.


Then we rushed to Downtown Boston to catch the 2PM Freedom Trail tour where we had a guy dressed in colonial clothing and he was the perfect storyteller for this tour. He was the most animated person I’ve ever met who loved American History that much. We went to Paul Revere and Sam Adam’s grave, saw the first State House in Massachusetts, stood where the Boston Massacre happened, and took pics by the balcony where the Declaration of Independence was read out to for the first time in public. So much history and I loved it! I love that I’m living in a place where the Red, White & Blue stand strong with everyone.


As we were riding the subway to downtown… We asked someone if we were heading the right direction but before we could finish our question she was like “Oh, to the beach?” b/c Ammon was in his swim trunks.. So after hearing that the next stop after downtown was a beach, we immediately got on the subway after the Freedom Trail Tour and headed to Revere Beach! Compared to Duck Beach… Boston could’ve cleaned up their beaches better but, it was nice to have my feet in the sand while building sand castles with my long lost cousins from China!! Who doesn’t love the beach though?!



After the beach, we headed back to Boston Commons and walked along the Freedom Trail to Paul Revere’s home and to Mike’s Pastry! The best ever Cannoli shop in all of Boston. SO YUMMY.  We ended the day at North End Park and took in all of what Boston has to offer.






SUNDAY. So church for me doesn’t start till 2:30PM…. SO LATE! We slept in and then rented bikes to bike around Charles River. It’s only $6 to rent bikes for the whole day! But, you can only ride in for 30 minutes each time.. If you don’t they charge you more.  So after every 30 minutes we would put our bikes back at a bike stop and get a new bike and then we were ready to go for another 30 minutes. Confusing.. haha sorry! There was a ‘Cancer Walk’ going on at the park, so it was super crowded. But, the views of the skyline are amazing at Charles River. I was super impressed by the beauty of everything at the park! Even the coolest playgrounds are there with a zipline! We biked over to Quincy Market AKA Boston Commons and bought Harvard Sweatshirts for our upcoming photoshoot at Boston LOL. Then we went back to my apartment and got ready for church. It takes about 30 minutes to get to church in Cambridge, but you never know when the bus is going to show up on time, because it rarely does. We got to church and there are so many other interns who just moved here as well! So I’m not alone! I only met 2 guys named Eric and Chris.. But, that’s about it. Everyone thought Ammon and I were dating because he kept saying to everyone that “I’m just a visitor, I’m here to visit Liz.” hahaha.


We left church early and toured Harvard University. What a beautiful campus. I am so jealous.  But, I still love my BYU campus for life! Harvard is an amazing school and their Law School just had Mindy Kaling from the Office / Mindy Project came and spoke to their graduating class! Like who has money for that?!?! We touched the iconic foot statue of John Harvard (& later found out that you shouldn’t touch the foot because people pee on it.. EWWW) Check out our photo shoot.. hahaha


We ended the day with the best Peanut Butter cookies & cream ice cream at J.P. Lick’s (I think that’s what its called.. don’t quote me)


MONDAY. Ammon left way early to catch a bus to NYC. I am so grateful that it was perfect timing for Ammon to come to Boston to help me get settled in.  It has been an amazing weekend with him and I’m sad because who knows when we’ll see each other next! He’ll be working at EY in San Jose, CA and where will I be? Who knows. But, for now, I’m trying to just live life carefree like those little kids at the park.  I want to be able to talk to everyone that I meet while I’m in Boston so I can create friendships that will last a lifetime. So cheers to new adventures and new cities! LIZ TAKES OVER BOSTON 2K14.





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