First Week: DONE #HillHolliday


I just finished my first week at my newest internship: Hill Holliday!

It was a very successful first week.  So back in October, I heard about this internship program just for Multicultural students. The official name is Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (AKA: MAIP)  Since I am 100% Chinese and had the GPA for it.. I decided to apply.  But, I always get skeptical with these kind of applications when the applicant pool is from the entire USA. Usually, I’m not negative but in my mind I was like “Am I really going to get in? Do I even have a chance?” 

So, I still decided to apply and the application required a two minute video submission, 4 essays, 2 letters of recommendation and your school transcripts.  The video was the hardest part but I know that BYU prepares us advertising kids very well because I just sent in my video I used to get into the advertising program 😉 I added some other things to it with the help of my friend Alec Wight. & then I sent everything in. 

Fast forward 3 months and now we are into January – a new semester! Finally, we found out if we made it to the semi-finalist round.  AND I MADE IT. I checked the status of my application and there it was in green letters- SEMI FINALIST with a recruiter’s name and email address for us to schedule a phone interview with.  My recruiter was from Draft FCB in Chicago after stalking her Linked In so I thought automatically that I was going to intern in Chicago if I passed the semi-finalist round! But, I was mistaken and all the recruiters from different agencies participated in the phone interviews so it was just random that I got her. ANYWAYS.  I set up this phone interview with the recruiter and I remember MAIP sent us interview tips to read and i’ve never had a phone interview before so I studied pretty hard.  I really wanted to ace this interview.  The day finally came and the recruiter was supposed to call me at 1PM Central time so 12PM Utah time.. I’m sitting in my room at The Village waiting for this call… 1PM.. Nothing. 1:05PM: nothing… 1:13PM still NOTHING. I was freaking out by then.  So I sent an email to the recruiter “Hi, excited for you call!” and blah blah blah wondering if she had forgotten.  Then at 1:25PM I received a VOICEMAIL but not a missed call and it was from the recruiter saying that she was trying to get a hold of me… WHAT?! How can that happen? Well, obviously the Village is made of BRICK and 1st floor reception SUCKS. I tried calling her back multiple times but nothing. I probably called her about 12 times and I just got her voicemail!! I was freaking out still. Then I go online and check my emails.. nothing. Then I check my application status and it said: 

Sorry, You have not advanced to the finalist round. 

WHAT?! How can that be?! I didn’t even get the interview?! How can they disqualify me? I was CRUSHED. Plus, being me.. I talked it up to everyone saying that I had an interview and told people to wish me luck and it was just so embarrassing that this happened! Well, it wasn’t the end of the world because I still got into the New York Internship Program for the Spring.  I knew if this happened, it happened for a reason. After everything happened, I emailed the MAIP team and told them what happened and asked if I can get a second chance and I showed them proof that I was waiting for the call the whole time because remember I emailed the recruiter at 1:13PM saying I was excited for our call? Well, that email saved me because that was the proof that I had to show! So, they gave me another chance. HALLELUJAH. 

This time I was ready for the call and asked The Village if I could use the manager’s office to have my phone call in there to make sure I had perfect phone service.  The recruiter called me right on time and our phone interview lasted about 6 minutes, no joke. After the interview, I checked my application status right away and it said that I HAVE ADVANCED TO THE FINALIST ROUND. 


I was in shock.  That decision was made quick because I literally just got off the phone with the recruiter and I guess passed? I am EXTREMELY grateful for the MAIP team that made the phone interview happen.  Remember I thought it was all over? Well, I got passed the semi-finalist round and even though I became a finalist that was still not a guarantee that you would be placed at an advertising agency.  So now it was just a waiting game. Fast forward to two months later in March and finalists were getting placed. 


BOSTON?! Who would’ve thought Boston!? I was shooting for San Francisco, New York and LA! But BOSTON!? When I found out that I would be interning at Hill Holliday we only had a couple of days to accept or reject the offer.  If you rejected, you would reject the whole MAIP experience and every benefit that comes along with it. After talking to multiple professors telling them that “I’m in a pickle..” They all told me that I was definitely not in a pickle.  But a really good pickle.  2 internship offers and what should you do? Take both obviously.  I emailed Y&R and they said it was alright for me to leave early to go to MAIP / Boston. So that was the plan.  New York for the Spring and Boston for the Summer. 

When I came to New York, I had the chance to meet the team of MAIP AKA everyone I’ve been emailing since October! So, Karen, Shannon, and Carl – Thanks for putting up with my stressing out times when I had no clue what I was doing. I had the chance to meet all of the NYC Interns from MAIP during a kick-off party hosted at Y&R.  So on my last day at Y&R I went to the 18th floor and had met a few of the MAIPers. I was pretty stoked because we all have the same goals and aspirations and we basically just want a job at the end of all of this. 

OKAY. Fast forward to BOSTON.  

I love Hill Holliday. My first week has been great! I’m back doing account management and I love it so much. Meetings on meetings on meetings… but I love that kind of stuff.  The account that I’m working on is Capella University; an online school. It’s pretty sweet, you guys should check it out… hahaha (gotta represent my client) Hill Holliday also works with Dunkin’ Donuts, Cadillac, Merrell, Necco sweets, Bank of America and many more clients I can’t think of. Sorry this is a long post, if you’re still reading.. Thanks!! 






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