In Good Company

Hi! Sorry, I know it’s been a while. My laptop keeps shutting down on me every time I want to start blogging. Or do anything on this thing. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade?

Anyways, these past 2 weeks have been a blast! I’ve noticed that I’m always surrounded by good company – hence, the title. I’ve been blessed throughout my life with amazing groups of friends. When I moved out of Utah, I was really nervous about New York City & Boston but, I knew Heavenly Father puts people in my life for a reason. & That’s exactly what He did. He put amazing people in my life this Summer so that I would never feel alone.

Rewind to two weeks ago –

I had the chance to go to Six Flags New England! It’s about an hour drive from Boston and I was happily invited by one of my intern friends, Lucy Ye. She’s from the Boston area and we automatically click. She’s an awesome friend and is really great at starting good conversations with groups of people.  Check out her website and her business that she’s trying to start – The Wild Spark. For every purchase of any apparel or accessories, she donates a proceeds to someone who is trying to achieve a dream or a goal. Pretty sweet, huh?

Well, Six Flags was definitely an adventure. Come happy, leave with a headache. I’m pretty sure I received a concussion because the following Monday I was super dizzy at work, huge headache and I literally almost fell asleep in all of my meetings. BAD. Luckily, I slept it off and was fine the rest of the week.


Now, rewind to last weekend. My good friend Brooke Holt came to Boston!! Before she arrived – on Friday night a group of us from the ward ate dinner at The North End at a cute Italian restaurant called Dino’s. Definitely go and get their Chicken Alfredo Bake. YUM YUM YUM. Then we met up with more friends from the Ward and bought Cannoli’s from Mike’s Pastry! If you’re ever in the Boston area, YOU HAVE TO GO. They have long lines, but it’s definitely worth the wait.  A great place for your Boston Bucket List and if you’re a local. We went to The North End Park and ate the yummy Cannoli’s – one of my favorite spots in Boston with the pretty buildings lit up behind us. After Mike’s, we went to a random but free Improv Comedy Show in Cambridge.  We don’t know if we were late but it was only 30 minutes long but still so funny. Then I rushed and got an Uber home to meet Brooke!! I’m so excited she came to Boston.  We talked and caught up for hours that night, it was so good to have her here!

The next day (Saturday) – we woke up early to go to my favorite place for crepes, Paris Creperie. AKA if you have me on Snapchat, you’ve probably seen yummy crepes from me. But, the best thing is their NUTELLA SHAKES OH MY GOSH. They are to die for and so addicting. After crepes, we went to the Haymarket Farmer’s Market downtown and there was so much produce for so cheap!!! I bought bananas, broccoli, green beans, zucchinis, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and sweet potatoes all for $11. Forget Whole Foods – this is the place to be for fresh, organic produce. We had a blast at the Farmer’s Market and tried new fruits like Cactus Pear? So cool!



After the Farmer’s Market, we went home and changed and went to Newbury Street and I had the chance to show Brooke the cute streets and shops on Newbury! Then we went and saw some site on The Freedom Trail (which never gets old to me and I love all of the history here in Boston). I love the vintage and antique feel of this city. We met up with Eric and Chris and ate “The Best Clam CHOWDA” at Quincy Market located in Fanieul Hall.



The picture below is for Kenzie Carlston – we just love her Patriotism so much we had to show it in most of our pics 😉











After all of the wonderful history of Boston, our main goal was to go to Revere Beach because they were hosting their annual Sand Sculpting Contest and sculptors from all over the world would come and participate in this contest. There were AMAZING sand sculptures – I was pretty impressed. And the cool thing was that it wasn’t so crowded like I thought it would be.  It wasn’t that sunny, but it still felt nice to be outside and in the sand. We met up with our friends Tanner and Zach in the ward at the Beach. Oh, and I ate nutella covered bacon from The Bacon Truck HAHAHA so good though.

We were at Revere Beach for about 4 hours because we wanted to wait till the end around 9PM because they were going to have a huge fireworks show after. It was probably the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. Sorry Stadium of Fire! We were all on the beach and they were shooting the fireworks off from the ocean and we were so close to them! Literally, debris was falling on us, but I didn’t care because it was so cool!! I’m like a little kid with fireworks – eyes wide open and mind blown every time. I love that feeling though! It was an overall great day / night at Revere Beach and I’m so glad I got to spend it with good company. Check out the pics below. All of the jumping pics have their own inside joke HAHAHA i’m laughing right now, just thinking about them (Zach’s chicken arms)

IMG_0256 IMG_0277 IMG_0278 IMG_0279 IMG_0280




The night was still young and Zach, Tanner, and Brooke have never been to Mike’s Pastry!! So we decided to go again.  You can never get enough Cannoli’s in your body LOL


SUNDAY – My favorite day.

Brooke and I woke up early to rent bikes and ride Charles River! We met up with Chris and it was a ton of fun. I’m glad her bus wasn’t till 7PM so we had the entire day to hang out and go to church as well. We rode past The Hatch Shell (where they play free movies every Friday and it was seen in the movie, Ted), we rode on the Esplanade and then I showed Brooke Fenway, where a Red Sox game was going on but she got to witness Boston Red Sox Pride and the cutest baseball town ever. I love how Boston is so fit and everyone is so active.  Charles River can sometimes be packed with runners and bikers but I love it.







We went home and got ready for church and took an Uber to Cambridge. haha Uber is my best friend here on the East Coast – I sometimes use them too much… Anyways.. I showed Brooke a little bit of Harvard and she was just the cutest with her new pink top. #LegallyBlonde #ElleWoods #BendandSnap

We went to church and Eric had a talk in church, which was really great. Everyone from the day before – so me, Brooke, Tanner, Zach, Chris and Eric all helped each other cut fruit for Munch/mix (ward prayer) & Mingle after church is over. Then we were bad and went to JP Lick’s by Harvard to eat their yummy ice cream for National Ice Cream Day. HAHAHA. Sorry!






I’m sad that Brooke had to leave after church, but I am so so sooooo grateful she came to Boston last minute to hang out with ME & to meet all of my friends here! I love you so much Brooke! Sunday night, I still had my bike rental so I rode Charles River to Boston Gardens. & let me tell you – Boston Gardens is a picture perfect setting at night. Go there if you have the chance to.

Sorry for the long post! I promise I won’t procrastinate again! Thanks for reading!




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