Now what?

Move to a big city – check

move to another city – check 

Intern at two amazing advertising agencies – check 

Become an alumni with the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program – check 

This past week has been CRAZY. From moving out of Boston to NYC for a couple of days to moving back home to Vegas – It’s been a wild ride. Leaving Boston was bittersweet. I called it ‘home’ for 2 months this summer and looking back, I miss that quaint little city with its cobblestone roads full of American history. But, I was excited to leave with a greater perspective in mind and to see what the future holds for me. 

I flew from Boston to NYC. FIRST CLASS BABY. My first time ever haha and the flight was literally 45 minutes. We went up and then came back down. I arrived in NYC Saturday morning and immediately checked into where I was staying, dropped my bags and went straight to the Upper West Side to have Saturday Brunch with my friends. It was sooooo good to see Brooke, Cam and Stephen! We went to Communal and had the BEST FRENCH TOAST EVER. 



After Brunch, Cameron gave me a ticket for the Yankees game! Super sweet seats from my old ad agency Y&R. Yes, I know. You are cheering for the Yankees? You just moved back from Boston! LOL I’m a fan of both teams 😉 DON’T HATE. It was a fun time actually watching the game and seeing “the Captain” play one of his last games. Go Derek Jeter! 






After the game, Brooke and I went to SoHo to do a little shopping and some impromptu photo shoots. haha I love her. That night we decided to lay low and just chill at Brooke and Ashley’s new apartment. Studio apartments whaddupppp! Their bed even goes into the wall. SO COOL. 


I had the chance to attend a creative think tank collaboration sponsored by Design Gym. This was the first time all 114 MAIPers had the chance to meet each other from all over the US. There were of ton of interns who interned in NYC and then a few groups who interned in San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, BOSTON, and other big cities. We learned how to creatively tell a story. Advertising is all about storytelling. I loved how Design Gym got us to actively participate with one another. I had an awesome time and learned a TON.

After the think tank, I went straight to Lincoln Center to attend the last bit of church. I’m glad I went, because Relief Society was what I needed. The lesson was on judgement and how we need to love everyone no matter what their circumstance is. Let me just say, I LOVE THIS CHURCH SO MUCH. After church, Brooke, Ashley and I went to Central Park to have a picnic with the locals in the ward. Now that the interns are slowly moving out of the ward, it’s nice to hang out with the people who have been living here full-time. Because hopefully i’ll be a full timer soon! 

That night, I met up with friends to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  I was staying in Brooklyn anyways, so it was a close walk for me. While I was walking to the waterfront by the bridge, I passed by this view I could not miss out on taking a picture. I love New York City. 





We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and then went straight to Topher’s Christmas in July/August party! It was so good to see them again! I love my friends. 

MONDAY – Day 1 of Face of Talent

So the Face of Talent is a 2 day event for the Multicultural advertising program participants. Day 1 consisted of a learning seminar about team building, creating your own personal brand, and how to behave socially in the advertising world. It was a long seminar, but I learned a lot from it. Omnicom Group was the main sponsor for the event and it was a great start of the week. After, I had a skype interview with a Provo agency called Plaid Social Labs. It went well! Who knew I would ever be back in Provo??? 

TUESDAY – Day 2 of Face of Talent

This was the most mind blowing, crazy, act like your best day I’ve ever had.  I’ve attended career fairs before, but now that I’m out of school, I really needed to make a great impression. In the morning, I had the chance to go visit Y&R before the luncheon. I talked with my old recruiter and an alumni from BYU. It was good to see old faces again and I’m glad that I’ve been communicating with everyone while I was in Boston.  NOTE: Definitely keep and stay in touch with everyone you meet. It will benefit you in the long run.

After Y&R, I attended a luncheon sponsored by the 4A’s.  This is where you have to let all of your walls down. We all had assigned tables to sit at and there would be recruiters sitting with us as well. There are times where I can be shy – it can be super intimidating to just walk up to an ad professional and strike up a conversation. Luckily, there are things in my life where it helps people remember who I am. AKA I’m from Vegas – “Oh you’re from Las Vegas, I’ve never met anyone that lives in Vegas! How do you like living there?” OH well my parents are black jack dealers… “They’re black jack dealers?? WOW, you must be great at gambling.” HAHAHA It’s actually pretty funny and it makes the conversation more personal. 

At the luncheon, we had amazing speakers from the advertising industry talk to us about going forward in our careers.  “This is your time” kind of speeches. It was actually really motivating. 


I gave out a ton of résumés and received a ton of business cards. Now I just have to keep in contact with the recruiters that I’ve met at the career fair.  It’s a lot of work to find an entry level job – it’s all about timing and who they need at the moment. The key is to be patient.  Also, a ton of people have told me to take a few months off before you start your career. Because once you start, it’ll be hard to take a break once you’re in. But, i’m too impatient. I can’t just sit around. After the career fair, we had an evening reception at a bar in the city. This is where all the MAIPers could drink, dance and just end the last night of MAIP with a bang.  It’s been a crazy ride this entire summer. I’m so grateful I had the chance to be in the multicultural program. They invested so much in us so that we can further ourselves in our careers. Cheers to us, MAIP C/O 2014! 





So, now what? What next for Liz Lin? Who the hell knows. All I know is that I’m going to Ecuador in a few days to have an amazing AMAZON ADVENTURE with some of my best girl friends. I’ll keep ya guys updated. 




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