Life As We Know It..

I survived Ecuador. THANK GOODNESS. I didn’t have time to get my typhoid shot or take malaria pills so I was praying that nothing bad would happen to me.  Friends warned me before I left to not drink water that’s not bottled or eat anything that looks sketch. Well, I did eat street vendor food but I only drank bottled water.

It’s safe to say that I AM ALIVE AND HEALTHY.

I wrote a blog about Baños, Ecuador in my last blog post, but i’m featuring my friend Emilee Crowder’s blog post about Ecuador because she is the best at writing AKA needs to be a copywriter. Love you Emilee! – peep it!

While I was in Ecuador, I made some big decisions. Before I left, I had a couple of job interviews – one agency in Provo and another agency in NYC. to make this story short, I chose to accept the job offer in Provo, Utah. 

It was a BIG decision. A scary decision, actually. I prayed and prayed about it and both jobs were great. I just needed to choose. & Whichever job I choose, I know Heavenly Father would help me along the way with my decision.  Back in Boston, I had a really good feeling I needed to be back in Utah. & then after the MAIP Career Fair, NYC was engraved in my brain and I felt like I needed to be in the city and that’s where I belonged. New York made me the happiest person and it just felt good. Utah is also a great place.  It’s my home away from home and where I went to school. I’m 21 years old and all of my friends were still there.  A friend of mine said “Liz, you deserve at least one more year in Provo.” What did that mean? I don’t know!

The Provo agency called Plaid Social Lab is the agency that I was interviewing with.  While I was in Boston, I was freaking out that I was not looking for jobs so in my despair, I started applying online everywhere.  Someone posted about Plaid in the BYU Adlab Alumni FB page and I sent my resume to Jake, the VP of the company.  While I was in NYC, I got a text from my friend Ashley Wennerholm that they wanted to interview me. So I had a Skype interview with Jake and it went well. After the MAIP Career Fair, there were SOOOO many opportunities for me to take a job offer in NYC or just at a big agency in general. I was conflicted.

After, I left NYC, I went back to Vegas and an agency from the Career Fair contacted me right away. I was stoked that the recruiter remembered me and wanted to interview me for an Assistant Account Executive position for the Chase Bank Team. I went through 3 rounds of interviews and then left to Ecuador.  By then, Plaid had offered me a position and I just did not know what to do.  They gave me time to get back to them – so I left for Ecuador still not knowing which company to choose. I wanted to forget about jobs and real life while I was traveling, but I thought about it 24/7, it drove me CRAZY. Luckily, Kim and Emilee were there to talk to me and give me advice – even though they were more biased towards Provo.

Towards the end of the trip, I had to make a decision with Plaid. Whether to say yes or no to them.  I emailed the NYC agency to ask where they were at in their decision process and they told me that I would interview with their managing director and then they will choose their final decision by end of next week.  I couldn’t ask Plaid to wait for me any longer so I told them to move on with their lives and that was the end of it. I was going to go with the NYC agency!

Plaid really wanted me so we negotiated some things and in the end, I felt really comfortable in choose Plaid as the agency of my choice.  I remember that night I decided to live and work in Provo, prayed about it and wanted to make sure that it was the best decision.  I woke up the next morning feeling so content and happy that I knew I had to be back in Provo. I emailed the NYC agency to discontinue the interview process and made sure I could still keep in touch with them.  Everyone was so nice about everything, so it felt good that I wasn’t burning any bridges.

Since I’ve accepted the offer at Plaid, everything has fallen into place.  Before then, I was freaking out where I was going to live in Provo because I didn’t want to live with randoms and I was hoping to live with Jaime and Kari in their townhouse, but it was full. & right when I got to the Quito airport and got wifi, my phone was blowing up with texts from Jaime and Kari saying there was an opening in their basement and I was ecstatic because they didn’t even know I chose to move back to Provo! GUY, GOD IS GREAT. EVERYTHING WORKS OUT.

Coming back from Ecuador, I signed the papers at Plaid Social and there I was accepting a full-time job offer in Provo, Utah.  It felt good. Overwhelming, but exciting.

I’m excited to work at Plaid Social as an Account Manager.  It’ll be a different experience being in a smaller agency, but having more responsibility will be fun. I am OBSESSED with my new apartment that I’m living in with my best friends Kari and Jaime.  I love coming home. It’s the best.

So, I updated everyone on my life! Thanks for reading!




BYE AMMON! We’ll miss you!

IMG_1618 IMG_1619

The best roommates and the best friends 🙂




Congrats Tyler & Katie!!




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