The Happiest Place on Earth

Now that I’ve finally caught up with life (thank goodness) this is what’s going on!

Last week was a DREAM.  I flew from Vegas to San Diego to meet up with Steven! I had the chance to spend New Year’s with him and his family.  Unfortunately, it went by TOO fast.  His family is SO FUN.

I flew in the morning of the 30th to Sunny San Diego.  & there was Steven, patiently waiting for me at the airport.  I was ECSTATIC to see him.  8 days apart? It was killer. HAHA sorry this is so sappy.  If you don’t care just close this window ASAP. That day we drove forever long to his hometown La Canada from San Diego.  It was a LONG drive because of traffic.  I HATE LA TRAFFIC. But, finally we got to his hometown with his dad, Kim and Steven (Houghton, Kim’s Fiancé).  & it was the cutest town! Obviously, we had to stop at Chipotle since their favorite restaurant Donna Maria’s was not open till later.  But, who doesn’t love Chipotle?! (Craving some right now)

After lunch, the couples separated & Steven drove me around La Canada (I kept calling it a “Hometown” date – Thanks to the Bachelor lol).  His dad is an Architect and he has been designing houses in LA for a while & he has designed the houses that they lived in.  Steven showed me a couple of the houses he lived in when he was in high school & elementary school.  It was pretty sweet to see where he grew up!  Maybe a little too much reminiscing about his basketball glory days, but I love hearing Steven talk about his past and the things that he loves to do.

Before it got dark, Steven drove me to a canyon that him and his friends used to go up to during High School.  It was really cloudy/foggy that day, so you couldn’t see much of a view, but it was cool to be up there with Steven! A couple of weeks ago in Utah, I knew that I was seriously falling for him.  Which is WEIRD because, 1) I’ve never been in love & 2) I don’t even know what love is!! How am I supposed to feel, what it’s like and blah blah blah.  I was freaking out! He’s probably gonna kill me for writing this blog post but, I truly care about him and our relationship.  & I don’t care who knows it.. I’M IN LOVE!!! This is still so crazy to me. So I was going to wait till we went to Disneyland that week and tell him during the fireworks, but I couldn’t help it! It just needed to come out – I couldn’t wait to tell him any longer. & good news everyone – He said I LOVE YOU back! It was absolutely perfect.


I really wanted a pic on this memorable canyon, but no one else was there to take it of both of us and I hate selfies so… here’s a pic of me. HAHAHA XOXO love ya Steven (also I cut 4 inches off my hair)

That night, we decided to take Steven’s dad out to dinner! We went to The Americana in Glendale & it’s the CUTEST shopping center.  There was a HUGE Christmas tree, lights everywhere, and a perfect setting for dinner at The Americana.  We went to a fancy little Italian Restaurant & it was fun to talk with his dad and get to know him better.  I talked about some things in my life (my conversion story, how I write in my journal everyday, etc).  It was a great night with Steven and his dad!


The Americana with my babe!

For New Year’s Eve – it was a pretty relaxing day.  One BIG thing that happened was that Steven and I were in charge of dinner for his whole family! We decided to make dumplings because when I was at home for Christmas, my mom taught me an easier/faster way to make them. So here we are making over 100 + dumplings and fried rice for his family! Honestly, it was so much fun! All of his brother-in-laws & sisters were interested on how to make a Chinese potsticker! So everyone was helping out. & guess what? It was a huge success!! Everyone liked them! CHINESE DUMPLINGS FOR THE WIN!! (clapping emojis all around)


Greg, Steven, Tyler & I making homemade dumplings 🙂

After dinner, we played Heads up & other games before the clock strike midnight for the New Year! It was super fun because Netflix had a thing where they were showing a “fake” kids New Year countdown so they can go to sleep before all of the grown ups. Then it was our turn for the real countdown & I got my first New Year’s kiss!


Happy New Year Everyone! Hip Hip Hooray for 2015!


My cute date for the first day of 2015 @ Ruby’s Diner at Oceanside Pier. I love him and his adorable smile 🙂

DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND!!!! Steven took me to The Happiest Place on Earth!!! & it was his Christmas gift from his parents that he wanted to share with me! We only had the one day park pass to Disneyland but it was so fun! The park was SO crowded though.  His brother-in-law, Greg gave us really good advice on to just have fun and not stressing about all of the rides you have to go on.  Just have fun and explore Disneyland! & he was so right.  We went in with that mindset to just have fun together and we did! We went through the cute Disney stores and took a ton of pics.  We went on Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Teacups, Buzz Lightyear, Haunted Mansion, and It’s a small world. We also ate AMAZING Disney food.  Dole Whip floats are to die for, their beef stew at The French Market in a big Sourdough bread bowl and a Mickey Mouse Pretzel.

We stayed late to see the fireworks and they were AMAZING.  I felt like a little girl so amazed when the castle lit up and they started blowing fake snow on us. hahahah.  Anyways.. Disneyland was so much fun with Steven.  We were miserable at the end because standing all day sucks, but it was so worth it.  At the end of the night, we bought minnie & Mickey mugs & a photo frame to remember this day!


I love him 🙂


Post Disney withdrawals back in Utah!!

Thanks for reading this mushy blog post!  I usually don’t open up about stuff like this, so I’m surprised I even shared this blog.. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Do something exciting! Be someone great!!!




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