The 4 S’s…

Seattle, Sundance, Superbowl & San Diego.

I’m a lil’ behind my blogging due to those 4 events above.  Also, work has kept me busy soooooo hello again! The past month has been eventful! A couple weeks ago I had a chance to go on our first Yesmads road trip with Emilee! We were pretty crazy and left Thursday night at 11PM and drove through the night to Seattle!  Usually, the car is the easiest place for me to fall asleep but, somehow I was alert the entire night when it was my turn to drive. Ask Emilee or Steven or anyone that knows me, I basically have narcolepsy.  Luckily, with a million prayers and big cup of Sodalicious, we made it through the night safely.  If you want to read more about the Yesmads’ Seattle Adventure, check out our blog post here: SEATTLE.

IMG_1246_2IMG_1179 IMG_1192IMG_1236  IMG_1361 IMG_4019 IMG_4057


First of all, i’ve never been before.  Ever. In all my years of living in Utah.  Not even just to celebrity watch.  But, this time I actually had tickets to a film. Shout out to my friend Jeff Larson for being a Sundance Driver to all the directors who hooked him up with free tickets! He gave me two tickets to a documentary called “Dreamcatcher.” All I knew about the documentary beforehand was that it was about a woman who was a prostitute for 25 years, then she changed her life around and now she changes other woman’s lives around. Steven and I got to Park City and it was held at the Red Stone theater.  The director watched it with us as well! The documentary was FANTASTIC. Their main quote in the movie was “We are not victims, but we are survivors.”  It showed scenes of 12-16 years old girls in a classroom who went to an after school activity with Brenda, the woman who used to be a prostitute who now runs the foundation. & in those scenes, the girls were saying how they were raped when they were 4-9 years old by men in their family!

Brenda helped out a ton of girls to get back on the right track.  She told them that she is always there for them.  The crazy thing is that she doesn’t get paid at all for doing what she does. She’ll go out on the streets of Chicago and if they don’t want her help, she’ll give them a handful of condoms so she can protect the women as much as she can.  She would say to these women, “if you have one person that has your back, you’ll be okay.”

Check out the foundation – & donate! Seriously, a great organization that is helping women get back on the right path.


SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. AKA Adbowl. AKA Katy Perry concert.

Seattle Seahawks Vs. New England Patriots.  So I have a TON of Seattle friends BUTTTTTTT my love for Boston is definitely there.  So, obviously I was cheering on the Patriots!! That Sunday was an awesome day.  The weather was amazing, I went to 3 hours of church, and life was just great.  Steven came over and we took a walk around my neighborhood and played in my backyard trying to do cartwheels hahahaha we suck. I LOVE this boy to pieces!

We went to Cheryl’s house (Steven’s sister) to watch the game.  They had a lil super bowl party going on and we had burgers, chips and all that jazz at a football party.  Me being me… I was live tweeting the whole time.  Mostly about the ads.  BECAUSE I LOVE COMMERCIALS BECAUSE #ADLIFE. Some of my favorite commercials – Jeep, Budweiser (Puppies..awww), Mcdonalds, and Always.

All of those ads linked above are definitely 2 thumbs up.  But, don’t forget about this FIAT commercial. LOL. Also, I still can’t get over MY GIRL MISSY ELLIOT. All I wanted to do was just get up and dance. AM I RIGHT?!  & When Katy Perry came out onto the stage on a transformer.  WHAAAAT??

Steven and I had a pretty good bet going on.  He was going for the Seahawks….. so we betted on Tucano’s.. Loser buys winner a dinner @ Tucano’s! I thought I was going to lose after that miracle catch by Jermaine Kearse. BUT THEN, my Patriots intercepted!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Tucano’s for Lizzie Lin!!! That was an incredible game.  Honestly, the first time I ever paid full attention to a NFL game.  Maybe it was because I was so into flag football for BYU intramurals that I finally understood how the game works. Congrats to the New England Patriots though!


The best sunny day ever with this man of mine 🙂


Soooooo… One of my best friends got married in the San Diego Temple! Sam Jarman and Addison! I was not hopeful that I was going to make it to his wedding since I had just been on a road trip to Seattle. But, I got work off on Friday, the 6th and Steven has no school on Fridays so it was perfect! His friend Anthony also came along for the ride! We drove through the night Thursday night and got to San Diego/Carlsbad area around 5AM.  We slept at his parent’s beach house & the next day, I had the chance to run to the beach and it was a PERFECT day.

That night we went to Sam & Addison’s wedding reception! Unfortunately, Ammon couldn’t make it because his dumb flights kept getting cancelled so he was just sitting at the SD airport 😦 The reception was in Hemet, CA and it was a 2 hour drive due to accidents on the freeway! It was MISERABLE.  But, we made it and it was so good to see Sam and Addison! I was so happy for the both of them!! Also, they had CAFE RIO at their reception. OKAY.

IMG_4199 IMG_4253

The next day was just an all-day relaxing kind of day. We went to the beach and it was soooooo nice. I actually got dark and i’ve been sooo white for soooo long. I didn’t get into the water because it was too cold haha i know I’m a wimp.  Then we ended the day at Ruby’s Diner at Oceanside Pier. YUM YUM YUM.

IMG_4214 IMG_4220 IMG_4257

Sorry for the long post!! I had a lot to update on!!! I’ll hopefully be posting on Sunday about some exciting NEWS!!! So stay tuned.




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