EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it!!!!

I am typing on my iPad mini right now cuz my laptop never wants to cooperate… But I have some good news!!

First, I want to recap on some events… I quit my job. It was a tough thing to do but I’m happier where I am at right now. Let’s rewind a little – I interned in New York City and Boston – 2 of the best cities in the world! Once the summer ended, I had the choice between moving to New York or moving back to Provo.. I chose the job in Provo because it was the better decision and I’m still so grateful for the decisions that I made but when it comes down to it my true goal is to be happy. & unfortunately I wasn’t at that level of happiness. I made a ton of friends and I learned so much! So, I went back to the drawing board and long story short…. I am now a Social Media Marketing Specialist at InsideSales.com!

I’ve been in training for about a week now and I’ve loved it so far! It’s a lot of training, but the projects that I’ll be doing in social media will be a lot of fun for me. It’s so great that I’m going to be doing what I love… SOCIAL MEDIA!! I get paid to tweet. How awesome is that? Well, it’s more than that but you know what I’m talking about. & if you want a job, we are hiring!! 😉

Anyways, enough about jobs.. one big event that happened last week was Valentine’s Day!!! Steven planned the entire day and it was absolutely perfect. I went to the gym early that day to make sure I got a workout in before the day started.  I realized that I needed to do something for him.. so I bought his favorite bag of chips and wrote a note saying (You’re all that and a bag of chips.) I know it’s cheesy. Then I rushed over to Provo Bakery and bought a muffin and doughnut.  The muffin said (I’m so glad you are my stud muffin) and the doughnut note said (I donut know what to do without you) haha cute right?? You can thank Pinterest. I wanted to leave them outside his door and ding dong ditch – and when I did and ran away, I got a call from him saying that he would be at my house a little earlier than expected.  I was like “crap, all of his roommates are gone and now the muffin is just sitting out there..” lol so I rushed home and jumped in the shower and when I got out there were a box of Provo Bakery donuts and an Aubergine smoothie in my room! (Don’t worry, I was fully dressed).. Those 2 are my favorite goodies ever and there was Steven waiting in my living room! I love him so much!

After breakfast, we went over to his niece’s Cambrie’s birthday party at his sister Cheryl’s home! We helped her out with some of the party cuz there were about 18 three – four year olds running around! It was such a fun party! Cambrie turned 4 and Cheryl is amazing at throwing the cutest parties! I was seriously impressed and I definitely want to throw parties like that for my future kiddos.  After a lot of treats and games, we were ready to go.

After the party, we went to University mall because Steven wanted to take me to Build-a-bear! I was stoked cuz I’ve never been there and it was so fun! We made a cute little brown bear and Steven made a recording for me to put in the bear 🙂

Dinner reservations at Tucano’s was at 8:30PM and we had about 2 hours to kill.. we were STARVING.  So when it came time, we rushed over to the Riverwoods and feasted on meat and yummy Brazilian lemonade. It was super cool because at the end of the date, each couple gets a rose and yummy chocolate truffles. It was so fun all day being with Steven.  & yes, I know Valentine’s Day can be a cheesy holiday at times, but I love it.  and I love Steven every day even if it wasn’t Valentine’s Day.  We should always show the people we love how we feel because that’s what is important! Life is great. I’m happy and in love with my best friend.

Thanks for reading!




Roommate rents puppies for their boys – Liz and Steven get free puppy play

This cute girl is 4!!


Cheryl’s amazing party planning skills!

IMG_4476 IMG_4477 IMG_4478

We like to get all angles of my Selfie Stick


Build-a-bear 🙂




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    • Lisa! Thank you!! No use a 1″ curling wand! I learned on some tutorial on YouTube! But I alternate the curls and on my last layer I just curl one way out of my face! Haha I hope that makes sense.

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