Moving Back to Vegas!


BUT, since the last time I blogged it was last month before Steven and I went to my beautiful hometown of Las Vegas, NV. & a lot has happened since then!

When we went to Vegas, Steven’s sister & brother-in-law, Kelly & Greg Moody tried really hard convincing us to move to Vegas.  My mom also wants us to move back there haha.. We will see.  When we were home, we spent time with both sets of my parents & baby George is almost walking! Steven also got to meet some of my best friends from high school.  Stormy & Bre approve, so yay!!  It was fun catching up with these girls because they mean so much to me!

With our short weekend, we tried really hard to spend time with the people we love most! Steven and I met up with Kelly, Greg and their 2 kids Ryan & Ella at the New York New York Hotel & Casino BECAUSE THEY JUST PUT IN A SHAKE SHACK THERE AND IT’S WONDERFUL.  Sadly, their was a gas pipe that broke because of construction so there was no hot water on one side of the entire LV strip.  So instead, we went to Hard Rock Cafe and ate lunch there and it was so good.  Then we went back to Shake Shack and had dessert there…. Coconut Tres Leches CUSTARD? YES. It was heaven in my mouth. I always love spending time with Steven’s family and hanging out with his nieces and nephews.  They are just the cutest! & we wish we could stay in Vegas longer!

IMG_4508 IMG_4929

IMG_4930 IMG_4932 IMG_4934 IMG_4935

I guess you can say traveling is our thing? Steven and I have been on 5 road trips since we have been dating. Last week, we had the chance to go to Keystone, Colorado! My best friend Devin and her husband Kyle invited us when we went rock climbing together at The Quarry.  We have such a fun time when we double with Devin & Kyle! We love them! When we found out that the drive to Colorado was only 6 1/2 hours, we were so down.  Once I got work off, Steven and I picked up another girl who needed a ride, her name is Rockel? Raquel? Well, the drive was great and we got there pretty late but safe! Devin’s parents condo is soooo nice. I would call it “glamping” (glam camping).

The next day, we got to see everyone’s bright & shiny faces! Luckily, I knew everyone that was at the condo.  Devin’s little brother had his friends and his roommate is Topher, who stayed in Boston with me! Also, my friends Camille Pond, Erich Gardner and Megan French were there! So it was like a mini reunion of friends! Everyone was going skiing in the morning, but Steven, Erich, Megan and I didn’t want to pay full price so we waited till 2pm to go.  We drove over the mountain to Breckenridge, CO and walked up their Main Street (basically a bigger Park City) and it was so cute with all of their stores and cute restaurants! Also, FYI the weather was great allllll weekend. We had fun going into all the stores and eating yummy cookie sandwiches! Then we went skiing at Keystone Resort.  It was my first time since I was 7 so it was still all new to me! I’ve snowboarded a handful of times but for some reason I was pretty nervous to go skiing and fall way bad and crunch my neck or something hahaha. Luckily, I had Steven by my side! We tried out the bunny slope a couple of times and then I got bored so we started going down the green trails.  Everyone told me to “pizza” when I wanted to slow down and that’s what I did!  But, unfortunately my boots were sooooo tight that my feet were hurting so bad.  We had to go back down the gondola and switch my boots to a bigger size.  That made them feel better and I went all the way down the green hill without breaking any bones 🙂 After one hill, we were soooo tired hahaha.  But, we had so much fun skiing and learning something new together! I love adventures with Steven! We went back to the condo and relaxed there for the rest of the night.  Keystone Resort has a fireworks show every Saturday night so that was a real treat to watch from the condo.

Colorado was such a fun trip! My favorite part of the trip was learning how to ski and being with Steven.  But, also getting to know Devin’s parents more.  Darrin and Lori are some Grade A+ parents.  They took such good care of ALL of us and I’m so grateful that we were invited to stay there.  We will definitely be back when Devin & Kyle move to CO. for the spring/summer!

IMG_4944IMG_4945IMG_4946IMG_4947IMG_4958 IMG_4961


After Colorado, it was back to work for me.  I’ve been working at for about a month now! I’m really liking my job right now.  I’m doing social media here so I take care of the executives Twitter and LinkedIn accounts but also do some side projects with the company’s corporate accounts.  I get to use my creative side of my brain a lot in this job whether it’s writing tweets or creating social media strategies with my team.  This past week, I had the chance to go to our annual customer event called IS Accelerate 2015.  It was held at the Grand America Hotel in Downtown SLC and it was soooo nice.  PLUS, we had our own room.  We had food for dayzzzz there and it was so yummy! What I liked most about the event was that I got to know my InsideSales coworkers better and become friends with them.  My coworker/friend Lyndsy Porter and I tag teamed the event for social media and it was a fun time!  My company had Collective Soul come play and everyone loved them! We met some of our clients that we work with and some influential thought leaders on Inside Sales.  It was weird though, because I saw a lot of random people I used to work with at the event. Utah is such a small world…

IMG_4949 IMG_4950

Co workers call us Ying Yang…


During my work event, it was Steven’t 25th birthday this past Thursday! Since, I knew I was staying in SLC for most of the week, I prepared all of his birthday surprises Monday night and gave them to his roommate, Mike! Luckily, I pulled it off and everything worked out and Steven was definitely surprised.  I had helium balloons with our pics at the end of the string for his room and little presents through out the day with a tag on them saying what time he should open them. That night I was done with my work conference, so I got to see his cute face 🙂 I took him to Red Lobster and it was a good time. I love you, Steven!


This past weekend, I had a study abroad reunion and it was so good to see everyone! It was a smaller group since most people live out of town but, no matter what I love the memories I shared with my globe trotting buddies. Also, congrats to Brittany Molina and her new hubby Joram!! The wedding reception was so fun! Love you guys!!  I’ve thought a lot about what I want to do in the next few weeks and I have a lot of things planned for my blog! So, Steven and I are starting the Whole 30 after Easter / General Conference weekend.  We think it’s a good idea because we don’t really want to eat out that much anymore and we just want to be healthy.  We’ll be done with the program before Kimmy’s wedding, so that’s good! But, by the end of the Whole 30, I want to be that person to say no to sweets or to snacks and to just eat healthy.  I also made a new tab on my blog called “Fitness” and I’m going to start posting fitness blog articles to that page.  So if you’re interested, check it out, share, like, comment!  Anything! I believe that when I write about fitness or publish it on social media, I feel more accountable to achieve my fitness goals. Anyways… be on the lookout for those things!!

IMG_4864 IMG_4913 IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_4955 IMG_4956









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