Engaged: March 23rd, 2015

Once upon a time, there was one boy and one girl.

Steven and I had crossed paths about 3 years ago when we were both living at Liberty Square.  He claims that he said “hi” to me but I have no recollection of that event at all. Steven’s sister Kim was in my Sophomore ward but I barely talked to her hahaha.

Then fast forward to the Advertising program, where Kim and I became good friends in our classes AND found out that we were both going on the same study abroad in the spring of 13′.  My junior year I lived at The Village & Steven was in my ward.. & I think we probably noticed each other once? Well, Kim and I got closer & senior year rolls by and we are in the same advertising classes and hang out a lot with advertising stuff.  I started noticing that she brought Steven to some of my parties that I threw throughout senior year and to Hottie Pilates at the Village.  There was one time Steven and I were doing side planks facing each other and I thought “well, this is awkward. and He’s cute.” hahahah

Kim said that she asked him that day after pilates if he would go on a date with me but unfortunately, I was “casually” dating someone at that time and plus, I was moving to NYC right after graduation. So, no new boys for Lizzie!

A summer of East coast living, advertising internships and traveling to places like California, North Carolina, and Ecuador – it was time to say goodbye to summer and figure out which job to take whether it’d be in Provo or NYC (I received offers from both places.) Some people might think that I’m crazy not to choose NYC and I sometimes think I’m crazy too.  But, I chose Provo and made my move back to Utah.  (Trust me, I doubted myself many times on coming back to UT). I moved in with some of my best friends in the cutest town home in Orem and since Jaime’s family owned the place, they bought us new furniture from IKEA to put together ourselves….. WELL OKAY? IKEA’s directions was just as confusing as learning the Swiss language…

Let me rewind for a sec – after Ecuador, Kim kept saying “DATE MY BROTHER. MOVE BACK TO PROVO AND DATE MY BROTHER.” Okay, okay. I told her to let Steven know that I’ll go on a date with him if he asks. I was hesitant though, because I kinda was doing a long-distance thing with an old friend of mine.. Everyone who is close to me knows the story so I’m not going to go in detail because he might read this (Probably not) but just to be safe, he already hates me lol. ANYWAYS… Steven messaged me on FB and asked for my # –

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.26.30 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.28.36 PM

I thought it would be funny to share the first of our messages together… only through FB because his phone did not end up working so…… hello middle school status?! hahahah I love him.

I invited him to come over to help me build this IKEA dresser and he gladly accepted.  He came over and I was eating a bowl of cereal and asked him if he wanted some & I happily poured him a bowl of cereal. (Included this little detail bc he thought it was the sweetest that I actually poured him his cereal instead of just handing the box and bowl to him)

We started building this IKEA dresser and it took us about 6 hours because we kept talking and getting distracted. We took breaks at Jamba Juice and Zupas 🙂 One conversation stuck to us because that’s when Steven realized that he can see himself marrying me.  Somehow we started talking about the topic of marriage and I told him, “I don’t care if I’m poor when I’m a newlywed.  I don’t care if my future husband and I are eating dinner in our small apartment or basement on cardboard because we can’t afford a table. I just want to be happy with him and everything else will fall into place.” Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic but with my years of dating non-stevens, I realized that I just want to be sooooo happy with my future companion. He loved that I said that because he’s never heard any girl in Utah say that kind of stuff. Ever. He knew I was different. (Maybe I should just have him write this part bc I sound cocky hahah) Anyways, after we put together the IKEA dresser, Steven kept asking me to hang out.

Our first official date was at a BYU girl’s soccer game with his friends… which was super fun! Then we were back and forth on asking each other to hang out.  I asked him to come over and help me bake stuff for my house warming party the next day and after baking all night, we started watching a movie and I WANTED TO KISS HIM SO BAD, but he kept REJECTING ME! He finally confessed that he does not want to kiss a girl as a first kiss on a love sac (way tacky.. and I agree!) He really wanted to make our first kiss special.

Later that week, he asked me on a date to Alpine loop & dinner afterwards at Macaroni Grill.  I knew we were going to kiss on that date but it was still so hard to wait!! That day finally came & it was perfect.


First kiss: September 25th, 2014

After our first kiss, I started falling for Steven hard. We did everything together. We spent Thanksgiving in Vegas, with both of our families. Also, I got to be with him in Carlsbad with his family during New Year’s. I love his family so much!

When I was in California for New Year’s, we went to his home town La Canada and he gave me a tour of his past homes that he lived in and where he went to grade school. It was when we were on top of a canyon, where I told him that I love him. I was going to wait till disneyland but I couldn’t hold it in.  I LOVE STEVEN!


One of my favorite pics of Steven & I.

Steven & I have been on a total of 5 road trips together and even though I fall asleep every time he is driving… He still loves me. 🙂

OKAY – now here’s what you’re probably waiting for.  Our proposal story! 

I thought it was just a regular day… I knew Steven already had the ring because when we were watching the Bachelor Finale someone called him and his speaker is so loud that I overheard a girl say “Hi, it’s so and so from Kay, your ring is ready to be picked up.” Then it was just a waiting game.

It was a normal day on Monday, March 23rd, 2015.  I went to work and then during my lunch I had to return a dress at Called to Surf and I picked up Steven from school to come with me.  I bought a white dress when I returned the other and went back to work.  I have everything in my planner to keep me organized.  If I’m supposed to get lunch with a friend, they are written in the planner.  After work, I planned to curl Kim’s hair to practice for her wedding day & then go shopping after. I invited Emilee Crowder to come shopping with us.  As I was curling Kim’s hair she was soooo impatient and wanted me to hurry but I wanted to curl her hair right cuz it was practice for her wedding day!! But, then I finished and they somehow got me to my room because Kim said she’s never seen my room before. I noticed Emilee filming and I was like “what the heck?” Then she asked, “which is the dresser that you and Steven made?” I pointed it out to her and then showed Kim on how we messed up but never ended up fixing it and I guess a rose and a note was on the dresser but, you know me… I didn’t notice at all hahahaha. Finally, I did and I screamed! The note said: “You looked beautiful in that dress today.  I can’t wait to spend everyday with you in Paradise.” 

Keyword was Paradise and that’s at Aubergine&Co where we buy paradise smoothies all the time! Then Kim said to get that dress on and we were out the door on our way to Aubergine.  My heart was pounding and there were a mixed of emotions. I can’t believe I was going to be engaged to the man of my dreams that night. I’ve wanted this day to happen since I was a little girl and it was happening!

We got to Aubergine and I showed the note to one of the coworkers and they were all smiles and handed me the Paradise smoothie with a rose and the next note.  The next note said, “Liz! Meet me at the place we had dinner together after our first kiss! Muah! I might be a little late can you make a reservation for 8:00?” We got to Macaroni Grill and Kim said “well, make a reservation!” & I made a reservation and the hostess handed me a note and rose. The next note said “I fall harder for you everyday! Can you take advantage of your good looks and have a mini photo shoot at Bridal Veil Falls?”

Feeling flattered, we raced over to Bridal Veil Falls and while we were driving up the canyon, it was hailing, pouring rain and snow slushing on us the whole way! Kim pulled up to Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and there is Steven’s other sister Cheryl waiting under an umbrella with a note and a rose! That note said “I remember how nervous I was driving up to alpine loop to have my first kiss with you. I am excited for what is going to happen next. See you at our special spot! XOXO” 

We started driving up to Alpine loop (which Steven told me was closed) so Kim drove us to the closest spot to it right above Aspen Grove.  She parked her car and when I got out of the car all of the rain, hail and snow stopped (& started again when it was all over – a miracle right?). Steven came walking forward through the trees and EMOTION JUST RAN THROUGH MY BODY. WOW. I never knew I could feel this much love for someone. EVER. It was like a million butterflies in my entire body and I was about to float away.  But, I didn’t (luckily) & walked up to Steven and we kissed. He walked me over to this beautiful spot decorated with rose petals, PROVO BAKERY donuts, Martinelli’s, pics of us hanging from the tree and a cute little bench for us. He started talking and the one thing that I got out of it was that he said, “You are going to be an amazing wife and mother.  I love you so much. Will you marry me?” Of course, I said “YES!” We kissed and hugged and kissed more and it was perfect.

Then Emilee, Kim and Cheryl came out from the trees and congratulated us! It was such a happy moment I just wanted time to freeze. I love Steven Johnson so much and I cannot wait to marry him. It’s crazy how we saw each other 3 years ago, but knew that this was the perfect time for us to meet and date. I already graduated BYU and he got into his perfect major and is starting a business. I’m excited for this life that I get to spend with him. I’m STOKED on him being the father to my future children.  We’ll be getting married on August 22nd, 2015 in the Los Angeles Temple.

I can’t wait to spend eternity with Steven.



P.S. Watch our proposal video made by my best friend, Emilee Crowder!

IMG_2197IMG_2237 IMG_2210 IMG_2285

Words can’t even describe how I was feeling. I love him.

IMG_2300 IMG_2322 IMG_2335 IMG_2342

Steven fed me those donuts after he proposed. WOW. What a perfect man.


Neil Lane. I’M IN LOVE.


New Sisters!!!!!


Emilee is a HUGE part of our lives.  She has seen our relationship grow right from the beginning!

We love you!


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