Hi. I’m Alive. (Top 10)

Sooooo.. It’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve blogged.  SHAME ON ME!! I don’t know what happened after April.. But, I just stopped. Was I busy? Not really.  Was I just being lazy? Probably. As I’m writing this, I’m trying to sum up the last 2 months in this blog post. I’m looking back in my journal and my instagram pics on big events that happened –

1. I finished the Whole 30 Program! My last blog post was about me being half way into the whole30! So to all you that were wondering if I finished or not, well I DID. To celebrate, I went to Provo Bakery and binged ate donuts. So yay for me!! But, honestly – I did feel sooooo good when I was doing Whole 30.  Whole 30 taught me how to eat clean in a very good way!


2. My best friend Kim Johnson (AKA my future sister-in-law) got married to Steven Houghton on May 9th, 2015! They got sealed in the Los Angeles LDS Temple and she looked STUNNING in her dress.  I’m happy that I had a part at her wedding as a bridesmaid 🙂 Congratulations to the Newlyweds! (almost 2 months ago lol)

IMG_5888 IMG_5897 IMG_5921 IMG_5947

3. My best friend’s Jaime & Devin threw me the cutest bridal shower! I had it way early because Jaime & Devin were moving back to their home states and other friends were starting Summer Internships soon! I’m grateful for all of the friends & family that came and showered me with love 😉 (Also, I found my love for baking cakes!!!)

IMG_6026 IMG_6081 IMG_6041 IMG_6072

4. My best friend Kari Ryser got married to Peter Stowell!!! The wedding WE HAVE ALL been waiting for!!! Long story short, Baby Lizzie turned 19 and had a birthday party.  & at that bday party, that’s where Kari & Peter met! So YOU ARE WELCOME!! I will never stop saying that muahahaha. Anyways, I had a great time with my best girl friends from freshmen year (AKA 6 chicks) & it was our first time all together in a long time.  This California trip was probably the most relaxing trip according to Steven.  We ate good food, stayed with good friends (Jaime & The Bergsma’s), went to the beach, Won a donut pillow on the Santa Monica Pier and just had an overall good time with our great friends.  Congrats to Kari & Peter!!! I love you guys so much!


Kari’s reception/backyard was a DREAM!! And she is a dream too!!!!

DSC01778 IMG_6096


IMG_6104 IMG_6120 IMG_6126 IMG_6136 IMG_6164

Kari’s Grandpa was the cutest when we were sending Kari & Peter off!


Shout out to Rex & Kristin for being such great hosts for Steven, Lindsay, Luke & I! We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

5. I like to bake cakes now and I want to keep doing them so if you are having a party let me know and I’ll bake you a cake for freeeeee!!! This was a cake for my best friend Myunghee’s bridal shower.  White chocolate cake with rose buttercream frosting!


6. We got our engagements back and I DIED. I love them so much! Thanks Hunter Kofford!!! If you want to look at more our wedding website is Lizandsteven2015.com!

img-5 img-9 img-53 img-59 img-71 img-80

7. Impromptu photo shoots with your best friend Andrea are fun too! Especially when you get to work with Lori Romney Photography, Miss Stevi Marie (Flower Crowns), Margie Keates (@TheLovelyAve), @Themagnoliaflowerco, @elementsinmotionfilms, and Twirl Dress Boutique!!! This location was in the Studio Room in SLC with all natural lighting. Let me just say.. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

000_0517 000_0535 000_0596 000_0635 000_0665 000_0687

8. In the beginning of this month, I had the chance to go to Vegas with Steven! My brother Mark & Sis-in-Law Imee were in town for a high school friend’s wedding! It was so good for Steven to meet Mark & Imee! Luckily, they all loved him and Steven loved the both of them as well! We ate a lot of good food, rode the High Roller Ferris Wheel, and just hang out and relax with family!


Shackapalooza = Vanilla & chocolate custard, marshmallow cream, fudge bites, brownie bites, Belgium waffle bites, heath bits, and OMG it was just so yummy.

IMG_6391 IMG_6422

Baby George is WALKING!

IMG_6427 IMG_6431

9. Summer days are upon us!!! We had the chance to attend Strawberry Days Carnival in Pleasant Grove and my favorite rode: The Lehi Round Up!!! (But, I’m allergic to horses :() It was still fun though!! But, the highlight of Strawberry days was the strawberries and cream. OH MY. We ate our weight in that..

IMG_6479 IMG_6629

We can’t forget about the Provo Food Truck Round UP!! SO YUMMY.

IMG_6630 IMG_6632

10. My best friend Myunghee Sim got married to Brian Tuttle!!! #ItTakesTwoToTuttle (lol i love it) They were sealed in the San Diego Temple on June 20th & we drove all the way to San Diego for it! But, it was worth it! Myunghee looked SO beautiful and it was a BLAST being a bridesmaid with my best friends (6 Chicks). We went to the beach, hung out with friends & family and just participated in all of the wedding festivities! I’m glad that every time we go on a trip, Steven gets to know my best friends better (AKA Kristine & Roger!) 5 down… and one more to go! & that’s me!!! Congrats Myunghee & Brian!! I love you guys!!!

IMG_6501 IMG_6517 IMG_6519

I love them so much!!!!

IMG_6529 IMG_6550 IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6583

SO GOOD to see Haleigh!! I’ve missed you!!

IMG_6586 IMG_6593

Sandy kisses for this babe of mine (heart eyes heart eyes)

So that was my top 10 events these passed 2 months.  There are probably way more but based on Instagram… This is what I’ll tell you! I know i’ll be better at blogging now that I’m all caught up!! Steven and I have about 7 weeks till our wedding, and we are stoked!! I’m grateful for these moments that I’ll never forget whether it’s with best friends, Steven, Family, etc.  Life is really really good.




I just love him so much 🙂


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