Las Vegas – Bachelorette Party Craziness

I’m grateful that I was raised in the great city (of sin) (jk) you call Las Vegas.  Some people who are not from Vegas just think that I gambled my savings in high school, went to the strip EVERY NIGHT, or just gambled more. WELL, fun fact that some of you don’t know: both my parents are blackjack dealers in Vegas.  But, anyways enough about ME, let’s talk all things bachelorette parties… in Las Vegas.

Last weekend was the best weekend possible for me to go to Vegas and have my bachelorette party.  Steven was traveling at a Color Run race in Lansing, Michigan so I was free all weekend.  I got my friends Betty & Lauren to come with me after work on Friday.  When 5PM hit, we were on the road going south to my hometown.  True story.. I wasn’t going to tell my mom I was coming home because she HATES it when I drive all the way home to just “party” and waste money… She’s different like that.. But, I did end up telling her, cuz how can you not see your own mom?!

We did sleep at my friend Stormy’s house all weekend instead of my house though.  It was fun, because she just bought the CUTEST golden doodle puppy!! Plus, I haven’t seen Stormy in months so it was good to catch up with her & her bf Hunter.

Saturday was a jam packed day.  We went to Stripper 101 at Planet Hollywood… & WOW. hahahaha it was all giggles the entire hour.  The pole instructor was so FIT though.  I won’t explain a lot of what we did, but basically we learned some lap dance moves (lol) & some stripper pole moves.. & dang it was a good workout for your arms & abs.  We shared the room with another group of girls who was celebrating her bachelorette party as well & it was such a fun time.  I’m glad most of my friends from high school could make it.  & hey, I wasn’t too bad at it? hahahaha enjoy the pics.

IMG_7023 IMG_7024 IMG_7025 IMG_7026

After Stripper 101, we went to the new LINQ pool! It was super crowded and there was overcast so booooo but it was fun to be outside & laying out!

IMG_6928 IMG_7021 IMG_7022 IMG_7027


Surprise Surprise it was 7/11 day & we got free slurpees! Then Lauren, Betty & I went over to my parents house and hung out with my mom.  It’s always SO good to see her.

After the visit with my mom, we had reservations at Yard house at the LINQ.  We always go to Yard house for big group dinners! Christine, Tricia, Stormy, Betty & Lauren came to dinner to celebrate & their food is SO good. HUGE nachos, spinach asparagus dip, yummy pasta, guac, and dessert.



After Yard House, getting to Omnia Night club was CRAZY. We literally could’ve just walked right across the street but I’m dumb and drove & got caught in traffic and missed my turns multiple times.  We had to be there right at 10:30PM to make it to our free table that one of our friends reserved for us.  Caesar’s Palace was PACKED. Like thousands of people waiting in line to get in to the newest nightclub in Vegas.  Luckily, we got in but we had to share our table.  We ended up not using it and just dancing but even then we were getting pushed & shoved by drunk people everywhere.  It was a fun time dancing but we didn’t stay too long haha.  We took our group pics and bolted out the door!

IMG_6916 IMG_6919


It was definitely a crazy day for a bachelorette party.  But, most of all I’m grateful for my best friends from high school that have been with me all these years to help put it all together.  I can’t wait for the wedding!!!!




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