Goodbye 22… Hello 23!!!!!


So a lot has changed. I’m married NOW. WHAAAAAT. So crazy. Anyways, I’ll blog about the wedding day soon once I get all of the photos. Right now, I want to focus on the past year.  Me as a 22 year old.  I guess you can say that it was one crazy, AMAZING year for me.

Last year I was celebrating my 22nd birthday in our nation’s capital with my family! I moved back to Utah and started my first “big-girl” job.  Quit that “big-girl” job & now I’m working at another “big-girl” job. So, here’s to 22 of my favorite events and advice to all of you 20 something year olds. Hopefully this blog post works out.. I might just ramble, but whatever.

  1. I started dating my (now) husband a month after I turned 22.  Best decision to say yes to a BYU Women’s soccer game & asking him to come over to do manual labor with me and build my IKEA dresser together.
  2. Running AND Finishing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco in October 2014! Jaime & I drove through the night to get to SF & IDK how I ran that half with 5 hours of sleep.
  3. I started a fitness instagram!! I know some people might make fun of it.. but I actually really like it and it motivates me.  I love that I can see where my progress is… Follow me! @Liz_linsanity
  4. I started a travel/adventure blog called The Yesmads with one of my best friends, Emilee Crowder! It was short lived… but we had many MANY adventures in that short time.
  5. Roadtrips roadtrips roadtrips.  I think I went on about a million roadtrips in the past year. Vegas, Colorado, South Dakota and California (a million times).  Steven & I decided to get a Southwest card and we’ve been racking up points ever since!! it’s seriously the best and now we just fly everywhere. (airplane emoji)
  6. Celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving & Christmas with Steven & his wonderful family 🙂
  7. Weddings, weddings, and more weddings!! (Not just mine.. but most of my best friends!!)
  8. Going to Provo Bakery a million times
  9. Getting ENGAGED to the love of my life!!!!!!
  10. Getting MARRIED to the love of my life!!!!!!!
  11. Best friends coming home from missions!!
  12. Found my love for baking cakes! (I’ll bake you a cake for any party, just ask!)
  13. Honeymooning. 😉

Now for the advice part –

  1. Stop dating dumb boys/girls that break your heart
  2. Join the married club!!!!! HAHAHA i can say that because it’s seriously the best.. but don’t rush it
  3. Stop worrying about what you’re going to be doing in life.  I just turned 23 and still have no clue what I REALLY want to do.
  4. Be in the moment!! Trust me, I love social media and documenting EVERYTHING.. but there comes a time where you just need to enjoy where you are and who you are with.
  5. Travel, travel, travel!! You’re young!! & if you’re poor, road trips all the way!! Rack up those miles but don’t forget those dumb oil changes.
  6. Always be there for your friends! When I was engaged I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose contact with some of my close friends.  & I’m not saying my life is perfect and I have all the same friends but I do make a point to send a text to an old friend to catch up or to say hi!
  7. Stop with all the drama! If you are reading this, you are basically an adult.  I’m happy to say that I have no drama in my life except when Steven goes to the bathroom in front of me. lol
  8. Talk to your family often.  I always seem to be “too busy” to call my family which I regret, but now I try to facetime them every sunday and it makes such a difference because you feel more connected even if you feel far away from them.
  9. Make new friends!! Get out of your normal clique & have fun with life!! Life is so great!!

So there are 22 big events / advice to all of you.  I might have rambled buttttt i’m trying to write more on this blog!! Today has been a great day so far.  Steven made me a green smoothie as I was getting ready for work, Kari bought me Provo Bakery & made me homemade muffins.  Then I came home for lunch and Steven had me wait on the bed for “lunch in bed.” & guess what it was?? Donut French Toast with a homemade strawberry peach sauce that he made! (I love my little personal chef).  We discovered donut french toast at a cute breakfast place on our honeymoon in Newport Beach, CA and he found the recipe & made them!! YUM.  My next blog post will be on my bridals! So stay tuned!



IMG_1189 IMG_8253 IMG_8254 IMG_8255


2 thoughts on “Goodbye 22… Hello 23!!!!!

  1. Happy birthday beautiful! I am glad you had a VERY productive year. That’s awesome! I will follow your instagram (it is an excellent decision since instagram fitness community is awesome)

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