The First Look & Bridals


So on Friday, August 21st, 2015, Steven saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

I spent the night at Jaime’s house in Thousand Oaks, CA thursday night while Steven spent the night at his parent’s in La Cañada, CA. I absolutely love going to Jaime’s house PLUS everyone was there – Jaime, Tanner, Hunter (Photographer), Tiffany (Hair & Make Up), Linda & Craig (Jaime’s parents).  It was definitely a party.  Friday morning, I went on a 4 mile run to just ease my mind.  I couldn’t sleep the night before because everything was on my mind… From wedding day little details to what if everything goes horribly wrong? After my run, Jaime & Tanner made homemade french toast & I just felt so blessed because everyone was willing to help on anything.  I felt so comfortable at Jaime’s house because her family treats me like family. Linda (Jaime’s mom) let me borrow her real pearl necklace & earrings, Jaime was my helper ALL day, Hunter & Tiffany are amazing at what they do and I just felt so much love from everyone!!

Friday afternoon, Steven arrived at Jaime’s looking SO GOOD in his new black suit!! Jaime blindfolded him so he could not see me in my dress before the first look.  We led him to the car & headed to El Matador State Beach! It was a perfect day for pictures & the beach wasn’t too crowded.  But, when we got there everyone thought we were filming for David’s Bridal or something hahaha. While I was waiting to walk up to Steven so he could see me in my dress.. all of these thoughts came into my head.. “I can’t believe this is finally happening” or “OH MY GOSH I’m getting married.” As I walk up to Steven & turn him around so he can see me, he had the BIGGEST smile.  It was such a precious moment that we just didn’t want to look away from each other. I never knew I could love someone this much, but Steven has shown me that I can love someone SO MUCH!!

After all the twirling & taking pics up at the top of the beach, we went down to the ocean to take more photos.  The sun was so bright that the lighting wasn’t the best, but my photographer Hunter still captured the best candids.  I was so scared to get my dress dirty & wet so I kept lifting it up so sand wouldn’t get on it or water.  It was definitely high tide & I went on this rock while it was low tide so Hunter can get some pics of me & a HUGE wave came and just hit me from the knees down.  I had no time to lift my dress up!! After that wave hit me, I was like “oh well!” & we took more risks getting closer to the water to get some awesome photos taken of us.  It was definitely worth it because the photos are SO AWESOME.

After the beach, we had to go to La Cañada for our BBQ/Pool party rehearsal dinner.  I’m SO grateful we had the chance to take photos before the wedding.  I know that we would’ve been stressed if we tried to fit in the beach on the day of the wedding.  It was such a fun time with Steven, Hunter, Tiffany, Justin (Videographer), Jaime & Tanner! Enjoy the photos!!




Photography: Hunter Kofford Fowler

Dress: Custom made by Jann Meads

Hair & Make up: Tiffany Vincent

IMG_6335 bridals.img-3 bridals.img-4 bridals.img-7 bridals.img-10 bridals.img-11 bridals.img-12 bridals.img-14 bridals.img-15 bridals.img-19 bridals.img-20 bridals.img-21 bridals.img-23 bridals.img-24 bridals.img-25 bridals.img-27 bridals.img-30 bridals.img-32 bridals.img-33 bridals.img-34 bridals.img-35 bridals.img-36 bridals.img-40 bridals.img-42 bridals.img-43 bridals.img-45 bridals.img-47 bridals.img-48 bridals.img-51 bridals.img-52 bridals.img-53 bridals.img-56 bridals.img-57 bridals.img-59 bridals.img-60 bridals.img-61 bridals.img-64 bridals.img-66 bridals.img-68 bridals.img-70 bridals.img-71 bridals.img-72 bridals.img-73 bridals.img-74

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